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Awards, Regalia & Titles 
  Etiquette & Diplomacy
  Court Heraldry

(Protégé, Apprentice, Squire, etc)
Guides for New Members
  Guides for New Groups   Guides for SCA Members
Heraldic Display
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  Order of Precedence
  Sumptuary Laws
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Awards, Regalia & Titles

Award Recs: What They Are, Why They Are Done And How To Do Them by Modar Neznanich

Awards: How Long Until...? by Modar Neznanich

So You Have Won an Award, Now What? by Ermenrich von Duisburg 

Awards of Calontir by Jessa d'Avondale

Living in the SCA: Awards  by Thoman Shadan Secarius

Beatrice's Pointy Hat Spotter's Guide by Beatrice Domenici della Campana 
(Crowns, Coronets, Circlets, and Regalia of the Known World)

List of Alternate Titles 
(Based on Persona's Culture)

SCA Kingdom and Principality Orders, Awards, and Honors by Jessa d'Avondale

Calontir Heralds with Titles

Etiquette & Diplomacy

Basic Protocol and Etiquette (Class Notes) by Modar Neznanich

Basic Etiquette and Manners at SCA Events

Scadian Etiquette

Courtliness in the SCA & Historic Perspective

Honor, Chivalry and the Art of Speech in Everyday [SCA] Life by Inez Alfón

Guide to Hand Kissing by Ioseph of Locksley

Courtly Behavior by Hirsch von Henford

Courtesy by Judith von Gruenwald

How to Behave in These Current Middle Ages by Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote

Interacting With Royalty by Hirsch von Henford

Customs, Etiquette, and Playing the Game: Courtly Manners

Titles and Address in England Before 1600 by Ursula Georges

Court Heraldry

Vocal Heraldry: An Overview by Modar Neznanich
(See Section on Court Heraldry)

Doing Court Heraldry Without Having A Nervous Breakdown by Natasha Orionova Zateeva

Order of Precedence

How to Create an Order of Precedence by Modar Neznanich


Oaths of Fealty & Acceptances by Caryl de Trecesson

A Medieval Swedish Knight's Oath

"Feudal" Oaths of Fidelity

Charter of Homage and Fealty, 1110

The Manner of Doing Homage & Fealty), c. 1275

The Ceremonies of Homage and Fealty from Lyttelton's "Tenures" (c.1480)

The Feudal Contract: Fealty in the SCA by Ioseph of Locksley

On Fealty and Other Relationships in the SCA (or, Are Waffles Period?) by Hector of the Black Height

Lochac Fealty Chains

Why I Was Twenty-five Years  Late,  Swearing Fealty to the Crown by Arthur of Lockehaven

Fealty, Loyalty and Obedience by Frederick of Holland & Eilis O'Boirne


The Creation of a Pursuivant and of a Herald

Ceremony Writing Under Siege by Sorcha MacLeod

Information on Being a Peer and Peerage Ceremonies (Examples from the West)

Creation of....  (Examples from An Tir)

Laurel & Apprenticing Ceremonies  (Examples from the MidRealm)

The Dubbing of a Knight (Example from the MidRealm)

Artemisian Ceremonies  (Examples from Artemisia)

Fief Ceremonies of the 12th Century

Award of Arms, done 15 February 1554 for Joen Karlsson

Award of arms, done 22 August 1482 for Lasse Halvordsson

Late Medieval Oaths for Kings of Arms, Heralds, and Pursuivants

Knighting Ceremony of Urien ap Taliesin by Carl Leidor

Knighting Ceremony of Michael of Northwood

Knighting Ceremony of Nigel the Byzantine (Adrian Empire re-enactment group)

12th Night Ceremony of A.S. II (1968)

Guides for SCA Members (New & Experienced)


General Information

Welcome to the SCA: Information for Members by Modar Neznanich

A Guiding Hand

Forward into the Past

IT'S FUN TO PLAY IN THE SCA: Advice to Newcomers by Alys Katharine of Ashthofne Glen

Why Register Your SCA Name and Armory? by Modar Neznanich


Guides for Selecting a Name

Choosing a Name by Modar Neznanich

Medieval Naming Guides by The Academy of Saint Gabriel
(A large collection of articles on names and naming practices of various cultures)

Heraldry Articles: Names


Guides for Creating a Heraldic Device

Creating a Heraldic Device by Modar Neznanich
(also here)

Creating a Device by Modar Neznanich

Ten Things to Avoid When You're Designing SCA Armory  by Alan Fairfax

Heraldry Articles: Devices


Guides for Developing a Persona

Research Questions for Developing a Persona by Modar Neznanich

Heraldry Articles: Persona

Modar's Persona Info Page

Guides for New SCA Groups

SCA Group Creation 101 by Justin du Coeur

What is an SCA Branch Name? compiled by Rafaella d'Allemtejo

Forming a New SCA Branch: A Guide to Getting Started by Justinos Tekton

Forming a New SCA Group (Meridies)

Starting A New Branch (An Tir)

Starting a New Group (Ealdormere)

Stuff I Learned The Hard Way [Advise for SCA Officers] by Elasait ingen Diarmata

Handing Over Offices: A Primer for SCA Officers by Nicolaa de Bracton

Being a Good Seneschal by Terafan Greydragon


Autocratting an Event  (Ansteorra)

How to Make Excellent Maps and Directions for SCA Events by Caladin Ironhearth

The Autocrat's Friend

Autocratting 101: So you want to Autocrat an Event by Karis Jessica Pursey

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: How to Host Royalty at Your Event by Olivia Visconti

So, You've Decided You'd Like to Autocrat an Event... by Genievieve de’Charbonneau

"And Sing Ye In Chorus Never Again" Everything you wanted to know about autocratting,
but were afraid to ask!
by James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd

Submitting a Kingdom Event Bid (An Tir)

What Every Autocrat Should Know (An Tir)

Wyewood’s Autocrat Guide

How to Autocrat (Carolingia)

The Autocrat's Handbook

Kingdom Level Heraldic Symposium - A Few Notes

Event Management - So You Want to Have a Heraldic Symposium  (also here)
by Briana Etain MacKorkhill

Event Heraldry: Running Heraldic Activities for an Event
by Modar Neznanich


Heraldic Display

Uses for Heraldry by Modar Neznanich

On the Giving of Favors & Tokens by Modar Neznanich

Beyond Belts by Pedro de Alcazar
(Displays of allegiance)

Regulation of Heraldry and Standards in the Middle Ages

Achievements: There is no SCA-wide rules on achievements. Some kingdoms have no rules governing such display.
                                   Following are links to kingdoms who have their achievement rules on-line.
  Achievements: Meridies      
  Achievements: An Tir      
  Achievements: Ansteorra      

On Achievements of Arms and Other Things by Hector of the Black Height (Middle Kingdom)

Making Heraldic Banners by Modar Neznanich

How to Silk Paint Banners by Dairine mor o' uHigin

Heraldic Display by Miklós Sándorfia

Heraldic Display by Zenobia Naphtali

Display of Mundane Heraldry in the SCA by Ioseph of Locksley

Heraldic Surcoats

Mottoes & Impresa

Mottoes compiled by Modar Neznanich

The Renaissance Impresa  by Ursula Georges

Heraldic Latin Mottoes by Ursula Georges

Perspectives on the SCA

        The Role of a Baronage by Briana Etain MacKorkhill & Modar Neznanich
         On Being a Territorial Baron or Baroness by Katerina O’Callaghan
         A Guide for Barons and Baronesses by Hrolf Herjolfssen
         Resources for Landed Baronages series of articles
         Some Thoughts on the Qualifications for the Peerage by Wiglaf Wilfriding
         On Ethics and the Peerage by Ioseph of Locksley
         Being a Peer: Responsibilities by Hirsch von Henford
         What's the best way to become a Knight? by Vladimir Ivanovich Kurgan
         What are "Peer-like" Qualities? by Odierne Lion
         Knightly Virtues series of articles
  Associateship (Protégé, Apprentice, Squire, etc)  
         What is Expected of an Associate? by Rosemounde of Mercia x
         Protégés  (from the Lochac Pelican webpage)
         Apprentices (from the Lochac Laurel webpage)
         So you wanna be a squire? by Myles Blackheath
         Protégés, Fealty and Ceremonies by Modar Neznanich
         Apprentices: What is one and how to become one... by Rhys Terafan Greydragon  
         The Question of Apprentices by Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur
         What makes a good SCA squire (from the Ælflæd of Duckford webpages)

Sumptuary Laws

Sumptuary Laws in the SCA by Nastasiia Ivanova Medvedeva

Sumptuary Laws Then and Now, There and Here  by Hector of the Black Height

Sumptuary Laws & The History of Footwear

Sumptuary Laws in Tudor England

English Sumptuary Law Chart

Elizabethan Sumptuary Statutes

Miscellaneous Information

Iren-Fyrd, Iren-Hirth, Boga-Fyrd, Boga-Hirth & Iren-Feran: What do these terms mean?

Which are Arts and Which are Sciences ?

Heraldry of the First Kings and Queens compiled by Modar Neznanich

Heraldry of the Ruling Nobles of Calontir compiled by Modar Neznanich

Introduction to SCA Households by Justinos Tekton

Heraldry for Those Who Cant  compiled by Modar Neznanich

Information on doing Research


Middle Kingdom Ministry of Protocol


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