of the
First Kings and Queens
compiled by Modar Neznanich

Following is the heraldry of the first King and Queen of each SCA Kingdom.


Yngvar the Dismal
Vairy argent and sable, a decrescent gules.

Caryl Olesdattir
Per bend vert and Or, two lyres counterchanged.


An Tir

Manfred Kriegstreiber    (Manfred Eiffenblau)
Per saltire sable and argent, a falcon displayed counterchanged, in chief a ducal coronet argent, all within a bordure gules, charged in chief with a rose argent.

Morag Campbell of Glenbourne
Gyronny of six from base sable and Or, issuant from base a demi-roundel gules.



Jonathon de Laufyson
Azure, a saltire sable rayonnee argent, overall a mace inverted argent.

Willow de Wisp
Per pale Or and vert, a willow tree eradicated sable, fimbriated Or, leaved counterchanged.



Thorfinn the Just    (Thorfinn Kodoson)
Per chevron argent and gules, two escallops and a tower counterchanged.

Sarah Thomasyn
Argent, three tulips gules, slipped and leaved vert, in chief a butterfly volant bendwise, wings elevated and addorsed, azure.



Richard Ironsteed
Quarterly azure and argent, a horse rampant sable.

Felicia MacChlurain
Sable, a lion's head cabossed Or between upon a pair of flaunches argent two thistles proper.



Michael of Bedford
Ermine, a lion sejant erect affronty per pale azure and Or the head counterchanged crowned with a ducal coronet set askew bendwise Or all within a bordure engrailed gules.

Carissa of Burgundy
Azure, a garb of six red garden roses stalked and leaved proper, banded azure, and irradiated Or.



Armand de Sevigny
Per bend Or and gules, a dragon passant and a lion's jambe erect erased counterchanged.

Diana de Savigny
Azure, a decrescent within seven trees in orle argent.



Chepe l'Orageux    (Chepe l'Oragere)
Per saltire gules and sable, two lightning flashes throughout in saltire, barbed and flighted Or.

Arwyn Antaradi    (Arwyn Antarae)
Or, a saltire cotised gules, overall a horse rampant to sinister sable.



Elffin O'Mona
Vert, an annulet rayonny on the outer edge argent and in chief a sword fesswise proper.

Vanna Edwinsdochter Dawburn
Per bend sinister vert and gules, a lynx rampant within a bordure embattled argent.



David Martin Failsworth
Argent, a crequier within a bordure embattled vert.

Elina de Braose
Argent, a crequier and in chief a mullet of four points vert.



Maragorn the Artificer
Azure, a plate embattled.

Adrienne of Toledo
Sable, in pale a cinquefoil, a crescent, and a dagger inverted, all argent.


Gleann Abhann

Tar Radu
Sable, a moose's head erased affronty argent enflamed gules within a bordure dovetailed argent pellety.

Broinnfhionn inghean uí Chatháin
Sable, a sword inverted Or between in pile two calla lilies slipped and leaved conjoined in base argent.



Alfar of Attica
Per chevron sable and gules, three mullets one and two Or, and a sword proper.

Elspeth Turberville
Argent, on a fess between three lyres vert, a horse passant to sinister argent.



John the Bearkiller
Gules, a sword argent hilted bendy sinister sable and Or; overall a brown bear's head sinister facing erased, eyes closed, proper, langued sable.

Kassandra NicKraken
Azure, a coney sejant erect affronty argent, crowned, maintaining in its dexter forepaw, raised to dexter, a goblet Or.



Cariadoc of the Bow
Argent, a griffin segreant azure drawing a bow vert, in chief an increscent Or fimbriated sable.

Diana Alene
Or, a griffin segreant azure drawing a bow vert, in chief an increscent argent fimbriated sable.



Siegfried von Kulmbach
Sable, a bend sinister raguly Or, overall a catamount rampant contourny argent.

Briedei nic Gillechattan
No registered device located.



Gunwaldt Gullbjorn
Sable, a bear statant erect affrontée, sinister forepaw upraised, within a bordure Or.

Ælflæd of Duckford
Vert, a duck rampant argent, billed and membered Or, above a ford proper.



Balder Longstrider    (Baldar Langstritter)
Or, a raven displayed, wings inverted, head to sinister, sable perched on an oak branch leaved proper, in chief a ducal coronet, on a bordure sable a chain Or.

Ljudmilla von Konigsberg
Per bend argent and purpure, a saltire flory conjoined with four crescents, horns inward, and a dove volant, all counterchanged.



Richard of Mont Royal    (Richard the Short)
Sable, in saltire a double-bitted axe and a Celtic cross Or.

Marynel of Darkhaven
Purpure, a dragon salient Or, its neck embowed about an edelweiss proper.


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