Heraldic Devices
of the
First Members
of the
College of Arms
for the
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

(Information on who were the members taken from the LoAR dated June 1976.)

The first members of the College of Arms were:
Harold Breakstone (Laurel King of Arms)
Or, a castle triple-towered sable, pennants flotant to sinister vert.
Randall of Hightower (Clarion Herald)
Ermine, on a fess gules a lion passant guardant Or.
Karina of the Far West (Banner Pursuivant)
Azure, a wivern statant argent.
Hugh ap Llewellyn (Green Cloak Pursuivant)
Or, a chevron voided gules between two card-piques and a crux ansata, all sable.
Dorothea of Paraval [Later changed to Dorothea of Caer­Myrddin], (Recorder)
Argent, a cross patty sable.
Johanna von Griffenhurst (Artist)
Vert, semé of mushrooms proper, a griffin passant argent, armed and langued gules.

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