Who's Who of SCA Heralds

A listing to help recognize heralds at events by their armory.
If you would like to be added, send your information to
Modar at:

(Originally a list of heralds of the SCAHRLDS e-List, this has expanded to be
a listing of all SCA Heralds who wish to be listed, so as to provide a
wider scope of recognition within the Society. [started Feb. 2005])

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Titles listed in red or orange are position titles for that individual.
Titles listed in green are retirement, emeritus or permanent titles grant to that individual.

Adelais, Wind's Reach, Middle

Adhemar de Chartres (formerly Gwalchmai Saethydd), Vatavia, Calontir  {Caltrop Herald}

  • Device: Per pale Or and purpure, a spider within a bordure dovetailed counterchanged.
  • Adhemar de Villarquemada, East Kingdom, {Brigantia Herald}

    Aelizia Hawkins, Steppes, Ansteorra

    Aibgrene Rose, Strikkenwode, Middle

    A'isha bint Jamil, Stonemarche

  • Device: Per chevron inverted vert and argent, a tree couped and blasted and a stag's head cabossed counterchanged.
  • Alanna of Volchevo Lesa, Lochmere, Atlantia, (Anne Arundel & Howard Counties, MD) {Blue Crab Herald}

  • Device: Argent, on a wolf's head cabossed sable a rose argent, barbed and seeded proper, a bordure wavy gules.
  • Badge: Azure, a wolf statant ululant within a chaplet of oak leaves and acorns.
  • Alastair Ronal Kester Aeyalweard, Wyvernwoode, Trimaris (Tampa, FL) {Keel Herald}

  • Device: Sable, a lion sejant Or, abased a Latin cross surmounting a sword inverted proper both argent, sword quillioned and pummelled Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A lion rampant contourny Or within and conjoined to an annulet Or.
  • Alban St. Albans, Calontir (Fayette, MO ) {Lanner Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Per saltire Or and gules, a saltire between four crosses couped all counterchanged.
  • Badge: Per saltire Or and gules, a saltire couped counterchanged.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A saltire couped per saltire gules and Or.
  • Aletheia Isidora of Philae, Bronzehelm, Artemisia

  • Device: Argent, a lotus affronty and a chief wavy azure.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] An ankh and a feather conjoined at base in chevron inverted azure.
  • Alexander Ravenscroft, Meridies {Torch Herald} {Stentor Herald Extraordinary}

  • Device: Sable, a millrind and on a chief argent two ravens rising wings elevated and addorsed sable.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A lion's jamb bendwise couped gules sustaining a straight trumpet bendwise sinister Or.
  • Alfred Grai

    Alina Silverthorne, Ponte Alto, Atlantia

  • Device: Per pale purpure and sable, a pegasus rampant between three fleurs-de-lys argent.
  • Alisandra Oliphant

  • Device: Argent, an elephant passant purpure, armed Or, on a chief embattled purpure three annulets Or.
  • Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane {Golden Dolphin Herald} {Metron Ariston Herald Extraordinary} {Laurel Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Or, a black-figure neck-amphora, cracked in chief, sable.
  • Amica Readyman, Meridies {Beacon Principal Herald}

    Ammalynne Sternjekrakki Haraldsdottir, Meridies

  • Device: Ermine, a Rottweiler dog's head couped reversed proper, collared Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A Rottweiler dog sejant affronty proper, gorged of a collar Or.
  • Badge: Ermine, a Caucasian brunette woman's head couped to sinister proper, spectacled sable, gorged of a collar Or.
  • Badge (Household): [Fieldless] A sprouting yellow onion (Liliacae Alium cepa) bendwise proper.
  • Badge (Household): Gules, a crutch fracted, the chief piece bendwise Or.
  • Badge (Household): Argent, a tree blasted and eradicated sable within a bordure indented azure mulletty argent.
  • Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra, Steppes, Ansteorra, (Dallas, TX)

  • Device: Argent, a falconers gauntlet fesswise sable grasping jesses gules, on a chief azure three plates.
  • Anarra Karlsdottir,

  • Device: Sable, a bend Or, overall a dragon segreant gules clutching in dexter forefoot two wings conjoined sable.
  • Badge (Household): Argent, goutty de larmes, issuant from a base engrailed azure a demi-tower sable.
  • Andrixos Seljukroctonis, Calontir  {Lanner Herald}

  • Device: Per bend sinister gules and purpure, on a bend sinister dovetailed argent between two double-bitted axes Or a bull's head caboshed palewise sable.
  • Angus Mor MacAeda, Cote du Ciel

  • Device: Per chevron azure and vert, on a chevron embattled between three towers argent, three stars azure.
  • Anna de Byxe

  • Device: Azure, an owl displayed argent, on a chief indented Or, three roundels gules.
  • Annys of Pengwyrn, Sentinel's Keep

  • Device: Or, flaunches azure.
  • Anthony Hawke, Seagirt

  • Device: Per fess sable and Or, a sea-tyger erect maintaining a rapier inverted counterchanged.
  • Antonio Miguel Santos de Borja, Wyvernwoode, Trimaris, (Tampa, FL)

  • Device: Azure, a chevron erminois between three owls or, overall a bordure erminois.
  • Aodh Deoradhán, Barony of Aquaterra, An Tir,  (Snohomish County, WA)  {Motley Pursuivant}

  • Device: Per bend sinister dovetailed sable and vert. 
  • Badge: Per bend sinister dovetailed sable and vert a comet bendwise sinister and a trumpet bendwise sinister inverted Or..
  • Aodhnait inghean mhic Carthaigh, Warrior's Gate, Far West, West, (Teague, Korea)

  • Device: Sable, a griffin segreant and on a chief argent three fleurs-de-lys sable.
  • Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Drachenwald  {Pelican Queen of Arms}

  • Device: Purpure, a bordure ermine.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] An ermine statant purpure.
  • Badge (alternate persona): [Fieldless] A stag salient argent, winged Or.
  • Astrid Thorkelsdottir

  • Device: Argent, four chevronels braced within a bordure vert.
  • Athenais Bryennissa, Bronzehelm, Artemisia (Billings, MT)

  • Device: Argent, a water bouget sable and a point pointed azure.
  • [Fieldless] A staple sable.
  • Avelina Keyes, Bridge, East Kingdom {DuPont Pursuivant}

  • Device: Per pale Or and sable, in pale three keys fesswise counterchanged.
  • Avraham haRofeh of Northpass, Northpass, Østgarðr, East Kingdom (Westchester County NY)

    Baldwin of Erebor  {Laurel King of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Azure, on a pile invected ermine a harp Or.
  • Balthazar L'Escallier

    Banba MacDermot, Forgotten Sea, Calontir

  • Device: Per fess vert ermined argent and argent, in base three hedgehogs statant azure.
  • Badge: [Fieldless]  A hedgehog statant azure.
  • Barak Raz, Iron Bog, East Kingdom

  • Device: Per pale sable and azure, a jews-harp Or.
  • Baras Bayan, Meridies

  • Device: Per pale gules and sable, a bicorporate tyger argent, a chief rayonny Or.
  • Be Find ingen Cleirich

    Benedict Stonhewer of Askerigg, Ildhafn, Lochac (Auckland, New Zealand)  {Astrolabe Herald - Lochac Deputy for New Zealand}
  • Device: Sable, a lion and on a chief argent, two towers sable.
  • Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonee, Caer Galen, Caerthe, Outlands

  • Device: Azure, three snowflakes in bend within a double tressure Or.
  • Badge (Household): Per chevron enhanced Or and azure, two garden roses gules slipped in saltire vert and issuant from a base a phoenix Or, enflamed proper.
  • Betuiros mapos Romani

    Bhairavi of Thescorre

  • Badge: [Fieldless] A maiden's head cabossed azure crined sable.
  • Bjarni Edwardsson, Eskalya, Oertha, West, (Anchorage, Alaska)

    Blaise de Cormeilles, Ponte Alto, Atlantia {Silver Nautilus Herald}

  • Device: Argent, a pale between six escallops azure.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] On an escallop azure a Celtic cross argent.
  • Badge: Vair, a pegasus segreant Or and on a chief vert three Celtic crosses Or.
  • Boden Henebry, Province of Malagentia, East Kingdom

    Boo, Hawkes Keye, Midrealm

    Brendan ap Morgan, Arn Hold, Artemisia {Purpure Pursuivant} {Sage Herald}

  • Device: Per bend vert and argent, three fleur-de-lys in pale counter-changed. 
  • Brendan Pilgrim <deceased>

  • Device: Or, a winged elephant segreant counter-ermine, winged azure, tusked argent imbrued, maintaining in its trunk a garden rosebud gules, slipped and leaved vert.
  • Briana Etain MacKorkhill, Forgotten Sea, Calontir {Purpure Quill Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Vert, a windmill bendwise sinister and on a chief dovetailed argent, three strawberries gules, capped vert.
  • Briannia MacLean, Rimsholt, Midrealm

    Brigit ingen Meic Thire Ruaidh, Cold Keep, Avacal, An Tir   {Herald-at-Large}

  • Device: Argent, a wolf passant reguardant contourny gules and a chief enarched sable.
  • Bronwen o Gydweli, Sol Haven, Meridies  {Beacon Herald} {White Antelope Herald}

  • Device: Per pale sable and argent, an antelope statant, in chief a pearled coronet counterchanged.
  • Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, Caid  {Batonvert Herald Extraordinary} {Laurel King of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Azure, on a chief embattled argent a dragon couchant azure, winged sable.
  • Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande, East Kingdom  {Blue Tyger Herald}

  • Device: Per fess sable and gules, a bar gemel argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A lantern gules.
  • Bruno Zizka, Midrealm (Grand Rapids, MI)

    Cadfael ap Madog ap Dafydd

    Caelin of Andred, Elfsea, Ansteorra

  • Device: Azure, on a pile argent between two suns Or, a sword inverted sable.
  • Cairbre mac Síomaigh, Thorngill, Meridies, (Montgomery, AL)

  • Device: Or, a legless dragon displayed, head to sinister, between three thistles vert.
  • Caitlin Davies, East Kingdom {Shepherd's Crook Pursuivant}

  • Device: Gules, fretty argent, a cross patonce Or within a bordure argent.
  • Badge (Household): [Fieldless] A seeblatt per pale gules and argent.
  • Caitlin de Bruis, Crescent Moon, Calontir

    Caitlyn of Green Castle, Rimsholt, Midrealm

    Caoimhin McKee, Couer d’Ennui, Calontir (Evil Modar Herald)

  • Device: Counter-ermine, three piles, two in chief and one in base, argent, each charged with a boar's head erased gules.
  • Cassandra Arabella Giordani, Ponte Alto, Atlantia, {Sea Stag Pursuivant}

  • Device: Per chevron embattled azure and argent, three annulets, one and two, argent and a rose proper.
  • Caterina de' Verdeschi, Amurgorod, Trimaris (Ocala, FL)

  • Device: Per pale gules and ermine, a coney rampant Or and a chief wavy counterchanged.
  • Cathal Mac Edan na Faeled, South Downs, Meridies {Ember Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Gyronny gules and sable, on a chevron throughout Or a cross Moline notched of all four of the field.
  • Catherine Aimeri de Winter, Heatherwyne, Caid

  • Device: Sable, on a bend ermine, three hearts gules.
  • Charles O'Connor, Meridies  {Morgenstern Herald}

  • Device: Gules, a knot of four loops and four tassels argent.
  • Badge: Gules, a triquetra argent.
  • Badge: (Fieldless) A triquetra gules.
  • Christopher Thomas, An Tir

  • Device: Argent, a flatcap purpure plumed and on a chief azure three commedia del'Arte masks argent.
  • Badge: Argent, semy of laurel leaves bendwise sinister inverted vert, a leather moneybag proper and a chief triangular azure, bezanty.
  • Cibella Monmouth, Meridies {Pennon Herald - Submissions}

    Clarissa Wykeham, Stormvale, Midrealm (Genesee, Lapeer, Sanilac Counties, MI)

  • Device: Or, on a chevron azure between three hearts gules, two swords conjoined at their points Or
  • Badge: Or, on a chevron azure between three hearts gules, two swords conjoined at their points argent, a bordure embattled gules
  • Badge: Or, a seeblatt vert in chief an acorn proper.
  • Colm Dubh, Darkwater, Trimaris, {Black Dove Herald Extraordinaire}

  • Device: Per fess sable and ermine, a Celtic cross per fess argent and vert.
  • Conchobhar mac Michil, Artemisia {Sage Herald}

  • Device: Ermine, a dragon segreant purpure, a bordure rayonny sable.
  • Conn mac Airt

    Conrad von Zollern, Caerthe, Outlands

  • Device: Per pale Or and argent, an eagle displayed head to sinister and on a chief embattled sable two roses argent barbed and seeded proper.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A rose per pale Or and argent barbed and seeded sable.
  • Conull Cameron, Coombe Phoenix

  • Device: Gules, on a chevron Or three saltorels gules, in chief two arrows Or.
  • Cristine Elspeth Ross, Rivermarch, Meridies

  • Device: Per fess argent and azure, two double roses and a dove volant to sinister chief counterchanged
  • Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant (formerly Talan Cam vap Morcant), Beau Fort, Meridies, {Lantern Herald - Heraldic Studies}

  • Device: Per pale and per chevron gules and argent, three crosses of four pheons conjoined at the points counterchanged.
  • Cuilen mac Colla, Bryn Madoc, Meridies

    Dafydd Blaidd, Flaming Gryphon, Middle Kingdom {Middle Kingdom Clerk of Precedence}

  • Device: Quarterly argent and sable, a cross counter-changed in canton on a pale gules, a dragon passant vert.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A cross quarterly sable and argent.
  • Damian von Baden, Altavia, Caid {Sable Fret Pursuivant}

  • Device: Gules, a fountain and on a chief Or three musical notes sable.
  • Badge (Household): Or, a sword inverted, on a chief gules a straight trumpet Or.
  • Daniel de Lincoln

  • Device: Per chevron embattled argent and azure.
  • Badge: Azure, four coneys rampant in saltire, heads to center, conjoined by the ears in annulo argent, playing bagpipes Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A mascle gules.
  • Daphne of Colchester {Diamond Herald}

  • Device: Quarterly Or and pean, a reremouse and a bordure gules.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] On a bat-winged wolf sejant affronty wings displayed gules a fret couped Or.
  • Da'ud ibn Auda, Steppes, Ansteorra  {al-Jamal Herald} {Laurel King of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Argent, two chevronels azure between three apples gules, slipped and leaved proper, on a chief vert a scimitar fesswise reversed blade to base argent.
  • Badge: Vert, on a fess between a shamshir fesswise reversed, blade to base, and a cup throughout argent charged with two more, an Arabic penbox vert.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A dromedary statant Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] An apple gules slipped and leaved proper.
  • Diarmuid mac Ruis, Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra

    Diego deValencia, Axemoor, Meridies {Axemoor Herald}

    Dietmar von Straubing, Gyldenholt, Caid (Orange Co., CA)

  • Device: Or, a cross Moline azure between four seeblätter, points to center, vert.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A seeblatt vert.
  • Dmitrii Volkovich, Flaming Gryphon, Middle, (Miamisburg, OH)

  • Device: Pean, a wolf rampant argent, on a chief enarched Or, three crescents sable.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] An ermine statant Or surmounted by an oar ermine.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A sword Or.
  • Donal Mac Ruiseart, Marinus, Atlantia, {Conch Herald}

  • Device: Or on a saltire gules four anchors Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A mast-head knot sable.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] An anchor cross Or.
  • Donal Ó Dochartaigh, Ansteorra

  • Device: Per chevron sable and azure, a panther argent marked sable between three mullets of four points argent.
  • Dorcas Whitecap, Forgotten Sea, Calontir

  • Device: Vert, a dolphin haurient contourny and on a chief wavy argent, three crescents vert.
  • Dorinda Scorpione, MidRealm

  • Device: Or, on a bend dancetty between two scorpions gules a sword Or.
  • Drogo the Forgetful

  • Device: Per bend Or and sable, two suns eclipsed of the field counterchanged.
  • Drogo von Königsberg

  • Device: Per pale sable and vert, a python displayed and nowed between three compass stars argent.
  • Dubhghall mac Aodha mhic Néill, Caid, {Punner Pursuivant}

  • Device: Gyronny argent and vert, an annulet counterchanged.
  • Dùn Éideann, (Edinburgh, Scotland)

    Duncan Cameron

    Duncan Hepburn, Steppes, Ansteorra

  • Device: Azure, a saltire dovetailed ermine.
  • Ealdthryth of Humberstone, Falcon Cree, Nottinghill Coil, Atlantia (Greenville, SC) {Sea Urchin Pursuivant}

  • Device: Argent, a tau cross and on a chief indented azure three mullets argent.
  • Edgar Bendebowe, Northwoods, Midrealm. {Vannspring Pursuivant} 

  • Alternate Persona: Desdemona

  • Edmund de la Haye, Ramshaven, Ealdormere, (St. Thomas, ONT)

  • Device: Azure, two bendlets enhanced and a mullet voided Or.
  • Badge: Per pale Or and azure, a crane in its vigilance counterchanged collared and chained gules.
  • Badge (Household): [Fieldless] A pentiskellion of ducks heads gules collared argent.
  • Eilidh Swann Stralachlan, Darachshire, Caid

  • Device: Quarterly sable and Or, a swan rousant wings displayed counterchanged.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] On a sinister wing sable a crescent Or.
  • Einarr Grímsson, Flinthyll, Calontir  {Saker Herald Emeritus} {Gold Falcon Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Quarterly Or and sable, a boar rampant argent within a bordure counterchanged.
  • Badge: Quarterly Or and sable, a boar's head erased argent within a bordure counterchanged.
  • Eirik Frostiskegg Banna, Blackhawk, Midrealm

  • Device: Per pale sable and gules, two ram's heads, erased and addorsed, argent, within a bordure invected Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] Two ram's heads erased and addorsed and conjoined at the horns and neck argent.
  • Eldritch Gaiman, Iron Bog, East

    Eleanor Beckwith of Shrewsbury

    Eleyne de Comnocke, Ildhafn, Lochac (Auckland, New Zealand) {Blue Lymphad Pursuivant}

  • Device: Purpure, a saltire and on a chief argent, three roses purpure barbed vert and seeded Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A mascle quarterly purpure and Or.
  • Elisabeth de Rossignol {Black Lion Principal Herald Emeritus - An Tir} {Laurel Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Gules, a pall erminois between three pomegranates slipped and leaved Or.
  • Badge: Gules, a hawk's lure Or.
  • Badge: (Fieldless) A hawk's lure Or.
  • Elizabeth of Hadley Hall, Canton of Sudentorre, Barony of Stierbach, Atlantia

  • Lozengy Or and vert, a chief sable.
  • Eloine ni Mhaoileoin, Lost Moor, Calontir

  • Device: Per pale purpure and argent, two unicorns combattant reguardant a bordure goutty counterchanged.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A vixen rampant contourny purpure.
  • Elsbeth Anne Roth, Debatable Lands, Æthelmearc {Garnet Herald} {Laurel Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Or, a wolf's head cabossed between three mullets of six points vert.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A gout per pale vert and Or.
  • Elspeth Bouchannane, Eskalya, Oertha, West (Anchorage, Alaska) 

  • Device: Argent, a swan naiant sable within an annulet azure.
  • Emma de Fetherstan, Mooneschadowe, Ansteorra {Obelisk Herald - Publications for Ansteorra}
  • Device: Argent masoned sable, a feather bendwise sinister gules.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] An escallop gules.
  • Eogan mac Ailpein, Nimenefeld, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia {Triton Principal Herald Emeritus} {Silver Hare Herald}

  • Device: Vert, a hare sejant erect contourny and a dexter tierce argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A hare's head cabossed argent.
  • Former Device: Quarterly vert and gules, a hare sejant erect contourny argent, in chief three increscents Or.
  • Eoin Campbell, Far Reaches, Midrealm {Far Reaches Pursuivant}

  • Device: Gyronny argent and gules, a hawk's head erased sable within a bordure counterchanged.
  • Erick of Longacres, Barony of Ben Dunfirth, Ealdormere {Trillium Herald Emeritus} {Quintain Herald}{Black Mantle Herald Extraordinary}

  • Device: Per pale gules and sable, a sun and on a chief embattled argent, five suns sable.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A spider web couped sable.
  • Ermenrich von Duisburg, Bellewode, Calontir {Buteo Herald Emeritus} {White Hawk Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Per fess gules and argent, a pair of hands and a double-headed eagle counterchanged.
  • Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, Barony Beyond the Mountain, East

  • Device: Gules, a chalice Or and in chief a pair of hands argent.
  • Eryk Tryggvasson

    Esmeralda Blackadder, Boethius, Caid

  • Device: Vert, on a pale Or a serpent erect, tail nowed sable, and on a chief Or three jewels vert.
  • Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo, Ruantallan, East 

  • Device: Azure, three scarpes enhanced argent and in base on a mullet Or a fleur-de-lis florency sable.
  • Etaine ingen Briain, Storm, Trimaris

    Etienne de St. Amaranth, Ansteorra {Golden Staff Herald}

  • Device: Purpure estencely, a candle flammant argent.
  • Evan da Collaureo, Atlantia  {Wreath King of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Per fess gules and sable, on a mountain of three peaks couped Or a sackbut fesswise bell to sinister sable.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A sackbut fesswise bell to sinister sable.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] On a mountain of three peaks couped Or, a fox passant gules.
  • Evan Little, Caldrithig, Skraeling Althing, Ealdormere, (Ottawa, ONT)

  • Badge: Or, hurty.
  • Fekete Holló Noémi

  • Device: Per bend sinister argent and sable, a raven close counterchanged between four roundels two and two counterchanged azure and argent.
  • Felix MacAvady, Mists, Mists, West

  • Device: Or, seven cat's pawprints arranged in two, three, and two sable.
  • Fergus Stout of Westgate, Westgate, Stargate, Ansteorra, (Houston, TX)

  • Device: Per pale vert and Or, a massacre counterchanged, on a chief triangular sable a mullet Or.
  • Finngall McKetterick, Adiantum, Summits, An Tir, (Springfield, OR)

  • Device: Or, a triskelion of armored human legs vert.
  • Fionnagan Dubh

    Fionnseach du Lochielle, Dernehealde, Middle Kingdom {Dernehealde Pursuivant)

  • Device: Per bend sinister sable and vert, in bend two phoenix argent.
  • François la Flamme, Ansteorra {Laurel King of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Vert estencely Or.
  • Freydis Olafsdottir

  • Device: Gyronny argent and gules, on a pellet a decrescent argent.
  • Frithiof Sigvardsson Skägge, Aros, Nordmark, Drachenwald, (Uppsala, Sweden)

  • Device: Gyronny argent and vert, an orle sable.
  • Galiana de Baiona, Ansteorra  {Armillary Herald}

  • Device: Azure, a saltire engrailed argent between four rams passant Or.
  • Gareth of Staggmoor

  • Device: Sable, two stag's heads couped addorsed argent, on a chief embattled Or, a bow sable.
  • Gavin MacGregor, East Kingdom

    Gawain of Miskbridge, Shadowdale, Calontir {Shadowdale Pursuivant}{Kite Herald}{Green Anchor Herald}

  • Device: Sable, mulletty argent, a lymphad Or, fore and aft castles enflamed proper, issuant from a base a demi-sun Or.
  • Badge (House Miskbridge): [Fieldless] Four wheels conjoined two and two gules.
  • Genevieve d''Evreux, Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia

  • Device: Azure, three bendlets wavy argent.
  • Genevieve la flechiere, West Dragonshire, Insulae Draconis, Drachenwald (Berkshire, UK)  {
  • Device: Argent crusilly sable, a bend gules.
  • Ghislaine d''Auxerre , West

  • Device: Per bend azure and argent, a compass star counterchanged.
  • Badge (personal): [Fieldless] A pantheon rampant azure mullety of compass stars argent, collared and chained Or.
  • Badge (property): [Fieldless] A cross potent Or.
  • Gianetta Cortelazzo of Shadowdale

    Giata Madgalena Alberti, Axemoor, Gleann Abhann (New Orleans, LA), {Axemoor Pursuivant} {Fleurty Herald}

  • Device: Argent, a fleur-de-lys and on a chief gules three suns-in-splendor Or.
  • Badge: Per bend gules and Or, a fleur-de-lys counterchanged
  • Giles of Redheugh, Drachenwald

  • Device: Azure, on a pile between two axes addorsed in pile Or three towers in pale gules.
  • Gisela von Kruemsbach, Sacred Stone, Atlantia {Kraken Herald}

  • Device: Or, a garb gules atop a trimount sable.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A pair of barnacles Or.
  • Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi, Deodar, Calontir  {Deodar Pursuivant}

  • Device: Per pale embattled barry of six purpure and Or and gules, two lozenges in pale Or.
  • Gloria of South Keep

    Gorm of Berra, Yarnvid, Caer Mear, Atlantia {Blue Pike Herald)

  • Device: Azure, a dexter hand within an orle of fetterlocks argent.
  • Gotfrid von Schwaben, Dun Ard, Calontir {Red Hawk Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Or, a horse rampant vert.
  • Griffin Crosthwait, Caid

  • Device: Vert crusilly argent.
  • Grimr inn harfagri, Falcon's Keep, Northshield {Falcon's Keep Pursuivant}

    Gryffri de Newmarch, Forth Castle, Meridies

  • Device: Per fess embattled argent and azure, a griffin sable and a cross Moline argent.
  • Badge: Azure, a cross Moline, a bordure embattled argent.
  • Guillaume Du Buisson, Summergate, Calafia, Caid (North San Diego County, CA)

  • Device: Argent, a bend azure in chief a dragon rampant gules.
  • Gunnar Thorisson, Crystal Mynes, Calontir  {Vert Hawk Herald}

  • Device: Quarterly vert and argent, four caltrops conjoined in cross points to center counterchanged within a bordure sable.
  • Badge: Quarterly vert and argent, a caltrop counterchanged within a bordure sable.
  • Guntram von Köln, Vulpine Reach, Meridies (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

  • Device: Sable, a wildcat sejant guardant Or, on a chief argent three single-sided combs purpure.
  • Gwenllian ferch Maredudd, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia {Longeley Herald} {Wreath Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Argent, a bend cotised sable between six crescents azure.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A handbell azure.
  • Gwydion Comyn

    Hamish MacEanruig, Stromgaard, An Tir

    Harold Breakstone   {Laurel King of Arms Emeritus}  <deceased>

  • Device: Or, a castle triple-towered sable, pennants flotant to sinister vert.
  • Hellen Bales MacQueene, Falcon Ridge, Ansteorra

    Herman von Mandel, Cúm an Iolair, Calontir  {Talon Herald Emeritus}  {White Hawk Herald}

  • Device: Barry and per pale sable and Or, a wing terminating in a hand maintaining a sword all within a bordure gules.
  • Herveus d'Ormonde, Storvik, Atlantia, (Bowie, MD) {Morsulus Herald - SCA} {Morse Herald - Atlantia} {Triton Principal Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Vairy sable and argent, a phoenix gules rising from flames proper, a bordure gules.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A phoenix per pale vert and Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A belt in annulo gules.
  • Hywel ap Ieuan, Barony of Bryn Madoc, Meridies {Ember Herald}

  • Vert, a bend cotised between six crosses formy argent.
  • Illora of the West Lea

    Illuminada Eugenia de Guadalupe y Godoy  {Dolphin Herald}

  • Sable, a bend engouled of two wolf's heads Or.
  • Ines Afón (formerly Mór inghean Chathail), Forgotten Sea, Calontir {Saker Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Azure, in pale two tygers passant contourny queue-forchy argent.
  • Badge: Quarterly Or and purpure, a fess counterchanged.
  • Ines de Freitas, Barony of Septentria, Ealdormere (Toronto, Canada)

    Ioseph of Locksley   {Laurel King of Arms Emeritus}

  • Vert, a tree eradicated argent.
  • Irene von Schmetterling, South Downs, Meridies

  • Device: Azure, a papillion argent, bodied sable, within a bordure argent.
  • Isabella Benalca'zar, Bright Hills, Atlantia {Rastrillo Herald}

  • Device: Azure, a heron volant contourny wings addorsed, surrounded by three harps argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A cross of Santiago azure.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A rastrillo azure.
  • Isabetta Seraphina di Petrillo, Abhainn Iarthair, Stierbach, Atlantia

    Ivan Mikhailovich, Vielburgen, Drachenwald (Ramstein, Germany)

  • Device: Quarterly vert and sable a cross erminois.
  • Ivanor of Sighty Crag, Dragon Forge

    Jacqueline de Meux, Flinthyll, Calontir

  • Device: Azure, a cat’s head caboshed and on a chief invected Or three cinquefoils purpure.
  • Jacquelinne la Merchand

    Jadwiga Marina Majewska, Cúm an Iolair, Calontir {Gold Falcon Herald}

  • Device: Lozengy Or and gules, ermined Or, on a chief indented Or a cat couchant purpure.
  • Jaelle of Armida  {Argent Snail Herald Extraordinary} {Laurel Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Gules, on a pale between four snails guardant argent another gules.
  • James of the Lake, Naevehjem, Caid, (East Kern & Inyo Counties, CA) {Furison Herald}

  • Device: Per fess engrailed argent and gules, two retorts necks crossed in saltire, and an open book counterchanged.
  • Badge: Argent, two retorts necks crossed in saltire gules.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] Two retorts necks crossed in saltire gules.
  • Jean-Philipe L'ours, Porte de L'Eau, Madrone, An Tir  {Town Crier Herald}

  • Device: Argent, a cross vert between four bears statant sable.
  • Jeanne Marie Lacroix, Heatherwyne, Caid  {Wreath Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Party of six vert and Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A unicorn's head couped sable.
  • Badge: Argent, a unicorn's head couped sable.
  • John le FitzGilbert

    Johan Magnus Kivisuo, Hukka, Aarnimetsä, Drachenwald, (Helsingfors, Finland)

  • Device: Sable, a crane in its vigilance atop a trimount Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A demi-maiden representing Saint Agatha proper crined and haloed Or vested per pale sable and Or maintaining on a tray gules her severed breasts proper.
  • Johann Kiefer Hayden, Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra  {Orbis Herald}

  • Device: Per bend sinister gules and azure, two owls contourny Or.
  • Johanne of Fisher Gate, Aston Tor, Calontir {Sea-Sheep Herald}

  • Device: Per pale wavy Or and vert, three thistles in pale proper and a rabbit rampant Or.
  • John Duguid

    Judith Wilkinson, Troll Fen, Gleann Abhann, Meridies {Troll Fen Herald}

    Julian de Blacwode, Innilgard, Lochac

    Juliana de Luna,Wealdsmere, An Tir (Spokane, WA) {Siren Herald} {Palimpsest Herald}
  • Device: Gules, six crescents inverted two, two, and two checky argent and sable.
  • Julien de Montfort, Spiaggia Levantina, Bright Hills, Atlantia, (Salisbury, MD)

  • Device: Pean, three wine amphorae, a chief urdy argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A wine amphora argent.
  • Kahil MacDowell, Rimsholt, Midrealm

    Kaie Haraldson

  • Device: Or, three cinquefoils two and one, sable.
  • Karina of the Far West  {Laurel Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Azure, a wyvern statant argent.
  • Karl Faustus von Aachen, Politarchopolis, Lochac (Canberra, Australia)

  • Device: Bendy Or and azure, three reremice gules.
  • Katerin ferch Gwenllian, Middle

  • Device: Quarterly argent and azure, on a lozenge sable between four roses counterchanged a phoenix argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A double rose argent and azure.
  • Katerina of Pavlosk Gavan

    Katherine Aylwyn de Chaliers, Seashire, East

  • Device: Sable semy of Catherine's wheels, on a fess Or a winged lion passant gules.
  • Kathryn of Iveragh, al-Barran, Outlands, (Albuquerque, NM)

  • Device: Per bend sinister wavy sable and gules, in dexter chief three passion nails inverted bendwise in bend sinister gules enflamed Or and as an augmentation in sinister base on an inescutcheon of "azure a demi-sun in glory issuant from base Or from a bordure argent".
  • Badge: Sable, three barrulets wavy Or, overall a pellet fimbriated Or, surmounted by a torteau, thereon a Norse suncross Or.
  • Badge: Or, a passion nail inverted gules within a bordure rayonny sable.
  • Badge: Per bend sinister wavy sable and gules, in dexter chief three passion nails inverted bendwise in bend sinister gules enflamed Or.
  • Badge (Household): Per bend azure and sable, in chief a plate between four four-pointed compass-stars, two and two, argent, and in base a sun Or, in fess point a pellet fimbriated and charged with a cross Or.
  • Katie, Wurm Wald, Middle

    Kat'ryna Neblaga Volchkova, (aka Gaufroi le Crieur), Outlands

  • Device: Vair, flaunches gules.
  • Katryne MacIntosh the Strange, Small Gray Bear, Gleann Abhann, Meridies  {Shofar Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Per pale azure and argent, a catamount statant reguardant contourny counterchanged and in dexter chief a mullet of four points argent.
  • Badge:  Per pale purpure and azure, two catamounts rampant reguardant addorsed tails entwined, the dexter Or and the sinister argent.
  • Kevin Ambrozijski, Tree-Girt-Sea, Midlands, Middle   {Tree-Girt-Sea Pursuivant} {Incunablua Pursuivant}

  • Device: Gules, on a pale argent three bats displayed sable, a bordure argent.
  • Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov, Ynys Taltraeth & Winter's Gate, Oertha, West, (Kotzebue & Fairbanks, Alaska) {Herald-at-Large}

  • Device: Per pale vert and sable semy of caltrops a talbot passant argent.
  • Badge: Per pale vert and sable, a talbot passant within a bordure invected argent.
  • Khudukha, Cold Keep, Avacal, An Tir {Cold Keep Pursuivant}

    Kinuko Kachigatai

    Knut, Dragonsspine, Outlands

    Kwellend-Njal Kolskeggsson, Atlantia {Narwhal Herald}

  • Device: Azure, a pale endorsed and a chief Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A net Or.
  • Lachlan of Cromarty, Lyondemere, Caid  

  • Device: Sable, a scarpe between two comets bendwise sinister, head to base, all between two scarpes Or.
  • Larkin O'Kane, Trelac, Ansteorra {Trelac Pursuivant}

  • Device: Per bend sinister azure and argent four estoilles and three gouttes de sang.
  • Badge: Per bend sinister azure and argent an estoille and a goutte de sang.
  • Liam MacDiarmuid, College of St. Giles

    Lucia Ilaria Malatesta, Caid

  • Device: Per bend sinister Or and argent, in bend a cross crosslet sable and a garden rose purpure, slipped and leaved sable.
  • Lucien MacCrimmon

    Lyle FitzWilliam, East Kingdom {Elmet Herald}
  • Device: Vert, on the palm of a sinister hand Or, a fret couped vert.
  • Madoc Arundel, Calontir-at-Large Herald  {Shrike Herald}

  • Device: Or, an acorn within oak leaves in annulo vert.
  • Badge: Purpure, a Coptic cross throughout between four mullets Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] Three oak leaves conjoined in pall inverted vert, surmounted by an acorn Or.
  • Badge: Chevronelly argent and gules, a hound passant sable.
  • Madawc ap Caradawc, An Tir

  • Device: Argent, a dragon's head contourny erased gules and a bordure vert.
  • Badge: Vert three straight trumpets fesswise in pale Or.
  • Badge: Vert, a straight trumpet fracted in chevron Or.
  • Magda Laurens

    Maegan Galiena

    Maeve Mac Donnell

    Magnús Slembidjákn, Castelleone Nuovo, Artemisia

  • Device: Per pale argent and sable, a boar's head erased gules.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] On a two handled tankard argent a boar passant gules.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A boar statant contourny gules.
  • Badge (former device): Gules, a phoenix argent rising from flames proper and in chief a compass rose Or.
  • Mairgrég ingen nic Gillebrath

  • Device: Lozengy sable and Or, a spoon gules.
  • Malcolm of Fife

  • Device: Azure, in pale two bagpipes argent within a bordure Or semy of acorns proper.
  • Margaret Hepburn of Ardrossan, Shire of Scorpions Hollow (Clovis & Cannon AFB, NM), Outlands {Pursuivant Extraordinaire}

  • Device: Ermine a fess cotised flory on the outer edge azure.
  • Badge: A marguerite proper charged at the center with the conjoined Roman letters M and H azure.
  • Margaret MacDuibhshithe (aka Margaret Makafee), Debatable Lands, Æthelmearc, (Pittsburgh, PA)  {Pelican Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Per chevron Or and azure, three suns in splendor counterchanged.
  • Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada (formerly Mari Elspeth nic Bryan), Ansteorra  {Pelican Queen of Arms Emeritus}

    Marian ap Myrddin, Ruantallan

    Maridonna Benvenuti, Bjornsborg, Ansteorra, (San Antonio, TX)

  • Device: Sable, a Roman capital letter B between three crosses bottony Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A cross bottony per pale sable and Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] An eagle displayed per pale sable and Or.
  • Marie de Blois, al-Barran, Outlands  {Clarion Herald}

  • Device: Per pale pean and erminois.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A mullet of eight points gyronny purpure and argent.
  • Marie Elaine de Womwell, Mons Draconis, Caid

  • Device: Argent, goutte d'azure, on a pale gules, three fleurs-de-lys argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] On a goutte de larmes, a fleur-de-lys argent.
  • Martinus Draco Byzantios, Cúm an Iolair, Calontir 

  • Device: Per pale azure and Or, a double-headed eagle and in chief two chi-rhos all counterchanged.
  • Maxen Dawel ap Morgan, West 

  • Device: Barry wavy azure and argent, on a pale Or three mullets azure.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A staple azure.
  • Meadhbh o Suileabhain, Ostgardr, East

  • Device: Argent a pall gules between three roses azure barbed and seeded proper.
  • Medb ingen Domnaill, Torre de los Brazos, Ansteorra

    Meghan Oriana Lauder, Trimaris

  • Device: Per saltire Or and gules, a sun in splendor within a bordure rayonny counterchanged.
  • Melisant de Huguenin, Adamastor, Drachenwald (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • Device: Sable, three owls, wings elevated, argent, each maintaining a willow slip vert.
  • Meradudd Cethin, Outlands {Liber Herald}

    Merigold the Mirthful

  • Device: Checky azure and Or, a bend cotised gules.
  • Michael Batcok, Marinus, Atlantia {Albatross Herald}{Triton Principal Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Barry of four vert and argent, a dunghill cock and a bordure gules.
  • Michel de Chancey

    Micheal Mac Pheadair, Nordskogen, Northshield, Midrealm (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

    Mikjal Annarbjorn

  • Device (Ancient): Or, mailly azure, a fess pean.
  • Device (Modern): Or, between six annulets azure, a fess pean.
  • Badge: Or, an ermine spot within an annulet sable.
  • Mlodn the Merchant, Windkeep, Outlands

    Modar Neznanich Cúm an Iolair, Forgotten Sea & Aston Tor, Calontir, (Overland Park, KS) {Volk Herald Extraordinary}

  • Device: Per pale purpure and argent, in fess two mullets of eight interlocking mascles counterchanged.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A wolf rampant purpure.
  • Badge (House Leatherwolf): Per pale sable and argent, three wolves' teeth issuant from dexter and as many from sinister counterchanged.
  • Alternate Name: Adam Lovecraft
  • Badge (former device): Per pale flory-counterflory argent ermined purpure and purpure, to sinister a mullet of eight interlocking mascles argent, all within a bordure counterchanged
  • Former Badge: Azure, on a hide argent, a rose azure.
  • Former Badge: Azure, ermined, three wolves' teeth issuant from dexter argent.
  • Former Badge: Azure, on a hide fesswise reversed argent, a wolf courant to sinister azure.
  • Former Badge: Purpure, a mullet of eight interlocking mascles argent within a bordure argent, ermined purpure
  • Moreach Nicmhaolain, Dragon's Mist, An Tir, (Portland, OR)

  • Device: Quarterly gules and Or, a lion rampant guardant quarterly Or and sable, maintaining a sword proper.
  • Morgana yr Oerfa, Winter's Gate/Oertha/West, (Fairbanks, Alaska) {Estoille Pursuivant}

  • Device: Per saltire gules and sable, in pale two mullets and in fess an increscent and a decrescent argent.
  • Morliuet de Lan Deguennec, Cynnabar, Midrealm (Ann Arbor, MI)

    Morwenna De Malyns

    Muirghein Dhaire, Dreiburgen, Caid

  • Device: Vert, three piles inverted in point throughout argent between in chief two oak leaves Or.
  • Badge (Household): [Fieldless] Three piles couped inverted in point within and conjoined to an annulet argent.
  • Naitan de Yerdeburc, Aarquelle, Outlands

  • Device: Per chevron gules and Or, two spoons and a cooking pot counterchanged.
  • Naomi

    Nastassiia Ivanova Medvedeva, Quintavia, East

  • Device: Sable, a bear sejant erect atop a mount and in chief three escarbuncles argent.
  • Natasha Orionova Zateeva, Shining Water, Glymm Mere, An Tir, (Thurston County, WA)

  • Device: Azure, a sagittary passant contourny argent, and on a chief Or three braziers sable flamed gules.
  • Nencia

    Niccolina the Wanderer, Sacred Stone, Atlantia {Sacred Stone Baronial Herald}

  • Device: Per bend sable and purpure, a decrescent and a mullet argent.
  • Nigel the Byzantine, Calafia, Caid {Trident Pursuivant Emeritus} {Fleur-de-Lys King of Arms Emeritus - Adrian Empire} <deceased>

  • Device: Purpure bezanty and a bordure Or.
  • Badge: Purpure bezanty and a chief Or.
  • Nils Olafsson, Ponte Alto, Atlantia

  • Device: Sable, on a fess engrailed argent a fess vert.
  • Nodigio of Ansteorra

    Odierne Lion, Mag Mor, Calontir {Condor Herald}

  • Device: Per chevron sable and argent, a domestic cat sejant erect affronty counterchanged.
  • Oengus mac Phaidin, Bryn Madoc, Meridies {Silver Sail Pursuivant}


    Olga Belobashnina Cherepanova, Three Rivers, Calontir

  • Device: Per bend sinister gules and Or, a griffin segreant counterchanged.
  • Olwynn ni Chinnéidigh, {Laurel Queen of Arms}

  • Device: Or, three nesselblatter pean.
  • Oriana Corbizzi, Nordskogen, MidRealm

  • Device: Per pale nebuly argent and Or, a vol within a double tressure sable.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A six petaled heraldic rose purpure, charged with a snowflake Or
  • Oriana Nicola Courtenay

  • Device: Per pale argent and purpure, a sun and a chief embattled counterchanged.
  • Owen ap Morgan, Golden Rivers, Cynagua, West  {Latimer Herald - Consultation Deputy}

  • Device: Vert, on a bend engrailed argent, three oak leaves vert.
  • Badge: Vert, on a bend sinister engrailed argent, three oak leaves vert.
  • Pedro de Alcazar, Storvik, Atlantia {Padrão Herald}

  • Device: Argent, a tower purpure between three bunches of grapes proper.
  • Pendar the Bard, al-Barran, Outlands, (Albuquerque, NM)

  • Device: Azure, a musimon rampant argent armed, on a chief triangular Or a lyre sable.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A musimon rampant contourny argent, armed Or, maintaining a lyre sable.
  • Phebe Bonadeci, Tree-Girt-Sea, Midlands, Middle   {Rouge Scarpe Herald}

  • Device: Or, three cheveronelles braced azure between three bats displayed gules.
  • Philipp Hartrat, Spiaggia Levantina, Atlantia {Group Herald}

  • Badge: Azure, a horse passant, 3 crosses in chief argent.
  • Pietari Pentinpoika Uv, Drachenwald  {Pelican King of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Per bend vert and argent, an eagle owl counterchanged.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A tree blasted and eradicated azure surmounted by a lynx passant argent.
  • Pipa Sparkes, La Grande Tente, Calontir 

  • Device: Vert estencely, a simurgh close and a chief nebuly argent.
  • Predslava Vydrina, Bjornsborg, Ansteorra

  • Device: Per fess embattled azure and gules, two otters passant Or.
  • Rachel MacGregor

    Ragnar MacHardy of Clan MacHardy

  • Device: Per pale gules and Or, a wolf rampant to sinister and in chief two wheels counterchanged.
  • Randwulf æt Blacwulveslea, South Downs, Meridies  {Red Raven Pursuivant} {Deputy Candle Pursuivant} {Herald-at-Arms Extraordinaire}

  • Device: Checky, argent and vert, a wolf rampant and a chief sable.
  • Rhiannon Negeswr, Nant-y-Derwyddon, Meridies

  • Device: Per saltire azure and sable, a lion dormant ermine.
  • Rhiannon ui Neill, Hawkwood, Atlantia {Triton Principal Herald) {Azure Decrescent Herald}

  • Device: Azure, on a chevron cotised between three birds displayed facing sinister argent three decrescents sable.
  • Badge: (Fieldless) A decrescent azure.
  • Badge: (Fieldless) On a hurt indented a natural leopard salient ermine, gorged of a pearled coronet sable.
  • Badge: Argent, in pale a decrescent and a dragon statant contourny regardant azure, breathing flames of fire gules
                a bordure sable semy of decrescents argent.
  • Rhys ap Gareth

    Robert MacDaibhidh, Abhainn Ciach Ghlais, Æthelmearc

    Roberto Carlos Dominguez, Forgotten Sea, Calontir  {Talan Herald}

  • Device: Gules, a pretzel erminois and a base wavy Or.
  • Rodrigo Hernandez de Toledo, Spiaggia Levantina, TNNP, Atlantia

  • Device: Per fess azure and sable, on a fess between two wolves' heads couped argent a torch palewise sable enflamed proper.
  • Roelandt Storme van Raedt

  • Device: Per chevron Or and azure, an eagle displayed counterchanged, on a chief gules three Maltese crosses argent.
  • Rohan, Blatha an Oir, An Tir

    Rory, Ardanroe, Meridies

    Rory mac Feidhlimidh, Baile na Scolairi, Midrealm

    Rosanella Vespucci, Buckston on Eno, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia (Raleigh, NC)  {A Cornet Herald-at-Large}

  • Device: Argent, a hummingbird rising to sinister vert between three roses gules within an orle purpure.
  • Roscelin

    Roswitha of Suanesfeld, Lochmere, Atlantia, (Anne Arundel & Howard Counties, MD)

  • Device: Sable, on a fess argent three swans rousant sable.
  • Rouland Carre, Bright Hills, Atlantia {Owen Herald}

  • Device: Argent, on a bend cotised azure within an orle gules, in chief a Latin cross argent.
  • Badge: Argent, two stag's heads cabossed in bend gules within a double tressure azure.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A Latin cross azure issuant from between the tines of a stag's attires gules.
  • Ruadcan Fionn O'Faolain, Blatha an Oir

    Sáerbrethach mac Lugdach, Falcon's Keep, Northshield, Midrealm (Central WI)

    Sæunn Hrafnsdóttir, False Isle

  • Device: Checky Or and gules, a quarter sable.
  • Sancha de Flores, Østgarðr, East (New York City, NY)

    Sciath ingen Chuain, Isles, Caid

  • Device: Gyronny gules and argent, a dragon couchant wings elevated azure, in chief a compass star Or.
  • Sebastian Sterne, Dragon's Mist, An Tir, (Washington County, Oregon)

    Segan ua Flaithfhiled, Beau Fort, Meridies

  • Device: Vert, a hawk belled Or, on a chief Or, three dexter hands vert.
  • Selene Colfox, Barony of Altavia, Caid {Aurum Pursuivant)

  • Device: Per fess rayonny sable and Or, in pale three bezants one and two and a fox statant guardant to sinister sable, marked argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A stalk of celery between two fox's tails palewise proper.
  • Sena of Swansea

  • Device: Vert, on a chevron argent three swans naiant sable, in base on a cauldron argent a swan naiant sable.
  • Shauna of Carrick Point, Bronzehelm, Artemisia, (Billings, Montana {Northclyf Pursuivant} {Ragged Staff Herald} {Laurel Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Per chevron vert and argent, in pale a flute fesswise argent and a raven volant wings elevated and addorsed sable, and for augmentation, in fess point on a lozenge sable a sinister wing with a hand issuant maintaining a straight trumpet Or.
  • Badge: Vert, three flutes in triangle argent.
  • Household name: Sand Castle
  • Household badge: [Fieldless] On a tower Or a raven close sable.
  • Sigmund Theodoric von Halberstadt, Mendersham, Ansteorra

  • Device: Per bend sinister Or and sable, an eagle close purpure and a wildcat couchant to sinister argent.
  • Sigrid of Tirnewydd, Tirnewydd, Middle

    Siobhan Eliot

  • Device: Argent, on a cross between four needles gules, a catamount rampant argent.
  • Sionyn Muirgen ni Dhomnall, Meridies {Pelican Queen of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Per pale sable and vert, a dolphin haurient within an orle argent charged with another purpure.
  • Badge: Gyronny sable and vert, a fool's cap argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] On a goutte sable, a dolphin haurient argent.
  • Snorri Blóðdrekk ór Óðinslundi, Ynys Fawr, Lochac

  • Device: Per chevron throughout Or and sable, two oak leaves and a dragon passant counterchanged.
  • Solveig Throndardottir

  • Device: Argent fretty sable, a sun azure eclipsed argent.
  • Sorcha MacLeod, Dúthaich Beinne Áird, Outlands {White Stag Herald Emeritus}

  • Device: Sable, three wolves' teeth issuant from sinister and a chief argent.
  • Sovány Barcsi János {Star Principal Herald Emeritus - Ansteorra} {Black Raven Herald - Atlantia}

  • Device: Vert, a horse paly of seven Or and gules within a bordure embattled compony Or and gules.
  • Stanislaw Mynyowycz, Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia

    Stefan d'Gascon, Iron Mountain, Meridies {Iron Mountain Herald} 

  • Device: Sable, a chevron ermine between two Griffin's heads erased and addorsed breathing flames Or
    and a sword proper, surmounted by a double-rose Or & azure barbed and seeded proper.
  • Steffan ap Kennydd, Bridge, East Kingdom (Rhode Island) {Firebrand Herald Extraordinary}
  • Device: Azure chapé ployé invected an owl affronté argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A pair of wings conjoined in lure argent.
  • Stephen Grey, Dun Carraig

    Takeda Yoshinaka, St. Georges

  • Device: Azure, on a fan argent a roundel gules.
  • Talan Gwynek, Middle Kingdom  {Pelican King of Arms Emeritus - 1st}

  • Device: Argent, a mascle sable fretted with two quill pens, within a bordure engrailed gules.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A mascle per pale sable and gules.
  • Badge (former device): Argent, a mascle sable fretted with two quill pens gules, in in chief a thistle purpure, slipped and leaved vert.
  • Taliesin

    Talorgen nei Wrguist, Rhydderich Hael, Æthelmearch

    Tamitsa, Oertha (Kodiak Island, Alaska)

    Tanczos Istvan, Eisental, East {Wreath King of Arms}

  • Device: Per chevron potent and gules.
  • Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn {Harpy Herald}

  • Device: Vert, a chevron between three falcons argent.
  • Badge: Per chevron argent and vert, in base a falcon close argent.
  • Badge: Argent, two hawk's bells dependent from a Hungerford knot vert.
  • Tasya

    Teceangl Bach, Dragon's Mist, An Tir, (Washington County, Oregon)

  • Device: Sable, seven mascles conjoined three, three, and one argent.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A mascle argent.
  • Thomas Blackmoor

  • Device: Sable, three chevronels braced, on a chief embattled argent four mascles purpure.
  • Thomasine Lestrange, Politarchopolis, Lochac (Canberra, Australia), Cahier Rouge Book Deputy-In-Training

  • Device: Azure, an orle of open books argent.
  • Thorvald

    Tibor of Rock Valley, Carolingia, East Kingdom

  • Device: Vert, a delf Or
  • Badge: Or, on a bend azure between two script letters "T" sable, three bezants.
  • Timothy O'Brien, Outlands  {Trefoil Herald} {Gold Trumpet Herald Extraordinary}

    Timothy of Northkeep, Nordskogen, Northshield

    Tristan ap Elwin, Marinus, Atlantia

    Trystan of Anglesey, Mare Amethystinum, Northshield, Midrealm

  • Device: Or, on a pale gules between an open scroll vert and a quill pen sable, three lozenges Or.
  • Twilleliah nic Taillier, Aston Tor, Calontir

  • Device: Purpure, a Lacy knot argent and on a chief urdy ermine a Lochaber axe blade to chief sable.
  • Uberto Renaldi, Innilgard, Lochac. (Adelaide, Australia) 
  • Device: Gules, three bells Or and a chief paly Or and azure.
  • Uilliam mac an Ruaidh, Bofharrach {Bofharrach Pursuivant}

  • Device: Per bend wavy azure and gules, a bend wavy argent between a demi-sun issuant from sinister chief and a mullet of eight greater and lesser points Or.
  • Ursula Georges, An Tir {Saint Bunstable Pursuivant}

  • Device: Gules, a bear passant sable.
  • Vaska McCormick, Calontir

  • Device: Argent, on a fess between two horses passant vert a dragon passant argent.
  • Vigdís vestfirzka [formerly known as Beatrix zum Dunklenturm], Silver Desert, West Kingdom

  • Device: Per chevron engrailed Or and sable, two towers and a dragon dormant contourny within a bordure counterchanged.

  • Badge: A winged pig segreant to sinister Or.

  • Badge: An arched door argent.
  • Vladimir Prsk Bassarob, called Percy

    Wenyeva atte grene, Wyewood, An Tir (South King County, WA)  {Blue Anchor Herald}

  • Device: Per chevron argent and vert, three beacons enflamed counterchanged.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] On a cushion per pale azure and sable a mullet of eight points Or.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A ladder bendwise vert.
  • Wilhelm Schatzgeyer, Rockhaven, Northshield, Midrealm

  • Device: Sable bezanty, an eagle displayed Or.
  • Wilhelm von Schlüssel  {Laurel King of Arms Emeritus}

  • Device: Azure, a fess argent, three keys fesswise in pale counterchanged.
  • Will Dekne, Stormhold, Lochac

    William Blacwode, Innilgard, Lochac

    William Castille, River Haven, Lochac {Aquarius Herald}

    William Ringlancer of Locksley, Bright Hills, Atlantia

  • Device: Quarterly vert and argent, three annulets in pale between two lances counterchanged.
  • Wilthain Westbram, Keep by the Endless Sea, Carillion, East

  • Device: Per fess sable and Or, a fess wavy argent, in chief a bee Or
  • Yehuda Ben Moshe

    Yin Mei Li, One Thousand Eyes, Artemisia {Double Quaterfoyle Herald)

  • Badge: [Fieldless] An annulet gules and overall a thorn branch bendwise sinister blasted and fructed argent.
  • Yosef ben Lazar, Østgarðr, East, (New York City, NY)

  • Device: Or, a fess engrailed pean between three pellets.
  • Ýves de Fortanier, South Downs, Meridies (Atlanta, GA)

  • Device: Argent, a handbell purpure, a border purpure ermined argent.
  • Zenobia Naphtali, Caid  {Wreath Queen of Arms Emeritus - 1st}

  • Device: Per chevron Or and sable, three griffin's heads, erased and sinister facing, counterchanged.
  • Badge: Per pale sable and argent, a pair of compasses and in base, between the points, a sun, all counterchanged.
  • Badge: [Fieldless] A stag springing to sinister reguardant sable.

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