Kingdom Level Heraldic Symposium - A Few Notes

First and foremost: Check with the Kingdom Principal Herald about hosting the event. Approval should first be obtained from the Principal Herald as they are the person who is responsible for heraldic activities in the kingdom. The Principal Herald may have certain requirements that need to be met for a group to be able to host the symposium. There may be special needs for the current symposium that has not been needed in previous years. The Principal Herald can let the group know about such things.

Second: Once a possible date is determined, check with the Principal Herald to verify that the date is good with them. Nothing would be more embarrassing than having a heraldic symposium on a date when your kingdom’s heraldic representative cannot be present. Additionally, if your kingdom has a Heraldic Education Officer, the Principal Herald will most likely want them involved. Again, you want to make sure they can be in attendance or have a spokesperson present to handle any topics/issues they wish to have addressed at the symposium.

Third: If the symposium is going to tie in other areas (which is often the case), such as Scribal Arts...then the hosting group also needs to check with any kingdom-level officers in charge of those areas as well.  Those kingdom officers also need to let the group know if they have any requirements for the symposium to be held, as well as letting them know if the date is acceptable to them.

TIPS: Do not schedule anything against the Principal Herald’s opening event address (if applicable) or against a keynote speaker’s presentation or against a heraldic roadshow.  Additionally try not to schedule classes with similar topics at the same time.

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