Thrown Weapons

An ongoing site with articles and links on "Thrown Weapons" of various kinds from many cultures.


Anglo-Saxon & Viking Axes       A Short Essay on Spears
History of the Chackrum       What the Heck is a Chakram, Anyway?
ATLATL (Throwing Sticks)       The Atlatl Webpage
Bolas       Piau
The Staff Sling: Guidelines for Construction and Use       Boomerangs
Making Handles On Throwing Knives       The Man Who Makes Knives Fly
Knife Throwing Techniques       Axe Throwing Techniques
Thrown Weapons webpage        

Links The Great Throwzini
Throwing Axes by Deepeeka       Francisca Axe by The Armoury
Throwing Axes by Starfire Swords       Throwing Axes by Flying Cloud Trading Co.
Throwing Axes by Wild Hunt Armory       Throwing Knives by United Cutlery
Throwing Axes by Ragweed Forge        
Medieval Swords        

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