House Leatherwolf
~ est. 1988 ~
Information on the household of
Baron Modar & Baroness Briana
{Barony of Forgotten Sea} 

Leatherwolf  Badge Blazon: Per pale sable and argent, three wolves' teeth issuant from
                                   dexter and as many from sinister counterchanged.

"What the universe conspires to prevent, Leatherwolf does anyway."

House Leatherwolf is a personal household within the SCA.
It is composed of a group like-minded individuals who
have become friends and family through the SCA.

Charter Members:

Briana Etain MacKorkhill Modar Neznanich Jadwiga Marina Majewska
Matriarch .......... Patriarch .......... Majordomo

There are certain aspects of life, or philosophies, that members of House Leatherwolf tend to strive toward.
Amongst these is the sense of family similar to the Hawaiian concept of Ohana.  
No one is ever left behind; no one is ever forgotten. 

Also stressed are the concepts of courtesy, honor and chivalry.
What good is recognition, awards and accolade without integrity?

The following pages have information on House Leatherwolf and it's members:

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House Leatherwolf Get-Togethers
(Ice Cream Social, Spring Picnic, etc.)

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Baron Modar Neznanich, OPel


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