House Leatherwolf

House Leatherwolf is a personal household within the SCA.
It is composed of a group like-minded individuals who
have become friends and family through the SCA.

There are certain aspects of life, or philosophies, that members of House Leatherwolf tend to strive toward.
Amongst these is the sense of family similar to the Hawaiian concept of Ohana.  
No one is ever left behind; no one is ever forgotten. 

Also stressed are the concepts of courtesy, honor and chivalry.
What good is recognition, awards and accolade without integrity?

Listed here are the various Leatherwolf members who are currently active, at some level, in the SCA.
There are several members not currently involved in the SCA, and thus not listed.
When they become re-involved their names will be re-listed.


Name Name
AElin Kausi Lasair nic Táilliúir
Aine nic Taillear Lucia di Giardino
Aldheim of the Seven Oaks Madeleine Rose de Cardeville
Alexandra Vazquez de Granada called Shandra Marion Forester (aka Pfahn)
Alessandra de Piro Mirabel Wynne
Anora Rose MacCorkhill Miriam von Schwarzwald
Aoki Kentarou Tadamitsu (formerly Timothy of Northkeep) Modar Neznanich
Arne Sørensen Mongke Gal
Arthur Catfield Morgana of Raglan
Aura Sparrow (formerly Alessandra Dragonetti; aka Victoria) Nakano Zenjirou Tadamasa
Aurelia Kaloethes Nikolai Sazhka Kolosov called Sashatec
Banba MacDermot Odierne Lion
Briana Etain MacKorkhill Pipa Sparkes
Caoimhin McKee (aka Evil Modar) Richard MacFarland
Catan Becc called Cat (formerly Dairenn Hrafnsdottir) Roberto Carlos Dominguez
Diana Tantini (formerly Diana of Westheart) Roderick Conall MacLeod
Einarr Grimsson Rónán Meade (formerly Rory McGowen)
Ermenrich von Duisburg Rúadán del Wich called Rowan
Esa Southwick (one of the Twins) Shane Bax
Flur' le Swan (formerly Guðrún Valdísardóttir &  Gabrielle de la Roche) Sorcha MacLeod
Geoffrey de Cardeville Søren atte Raven
Gotfrid von Schwaben Thomas of Shrewsbury
Gunnar Thorisson Thomas the Black
Helena Gewolf (one of the Twins) Turlough mac Colin Mor
Ines Alfón (formerly Mór inghean Chathail) Twilleliah nic Taillier
Jacqueline de Meux Úlfkell lfúss
Jadwiga Marina Majewska Ulfr Thyrison
Jehannette Montjaux Vittoria dei Rossi (formerly Victoria LaRussa)
Jibra'il At.t.âr (formerly Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi) William Christopher Bainbridge called WC
Johanne of Fisher Gate William of Questionable Intentions
John Gardener of Barley Marsh  
Katya Feodorovna Medvednikova  
 Kristine nic Tallier  

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