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Modar    Briana  Jadwiga
  Thomas the Black  

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Intro to the SCA:  New Member Information

Clothing:  Briana's Clothing Page
  Clothier's Seminar

Heraldry:  Modar's Heraldry Page
Calontir Heraldry Submission Status Page 
Calontir Picture Armorial
Calontir College of Heralds
Society Heraldry Page
Calontir Order of Precedence

Persona Development:  Developing an SCA Persona

Marshal Activities:  Getting Started in SCA Combat
an article by Gunnbjorn Gunnarsson
Medieval Armour
Medieval Weapons
Thrown Weapons
Lilies War Page
Pennsic War Page
Tournaments Page
Mandrake Armory
Rattan for Sale
H.H. Perkins
Rattan for Swords Merchant

Arts & Sciences:  Arts &Sciences Links
created by Kingdom of Atlantia
  Medieval & Renaissance Material Culture
by Karen Larsdatter
  Calontir Arts & Sciences Criteria Page
This is the web version of the A&S Criteria Revision Project
that Baroness Briana had completed when she was the
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences.
by Thomas the Black
Games of the Middle Ages
Bardic Guild        Bardic Arts
Brewer's Guild Brewing
Fools Guild          Jesting & Foolery
Lace Guild          Lace 
Cooks Guild        Medieval Cooking
Equestrian Activities
Calligraphy & Illumination
Fiber Arts
Medieval Fishing
Bone, Horn & Antler Work
Miscellaneous Crafts

SCA Topics:  General SCA Terms
A Calontir Event Calendar
SCA Kingdoms & Principalities
Calontir SCA Page
Society SCA Page

History Topics:  General Research
  Knights Templar History
These are just a few of the Mongol History
many areas member of Russian History
House Leatherwolf study. Italian Renaissance History
Norse History
Scottish History
Welsh History
Tudor History
Samurai History

Youth Topics:  Children's Activities

Leatherwolf Friends:  Gwalchmai

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