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Another aspect that House Leatherwolf strives to promote in the SCA is teaching.
It is through the sharing of knowledge that we enrich both ourselves and the Society. 

House Leatherwolf Members and their Students/Associates:
means that person has "graduated" from study
(Click on student name to see a picture of their device)

Note that students are not necessarily members of House Leatherwolf.
They are folks being taught by Leatherwolf members,
but many are later invited into membership.

Leatherwolf Member
Student/Associate Name Association Student's/Associate's Current SCA Group
Briana Etain MacKorkhill
  Mirabel Wynne   Student     Aston Tor
  Aine nic Taillear   Student     Aston Tor
  Marianna da Fiorenza   Student-Emeritus     Cúm an Iolair
  Esa Southwick   Student-Emeritus     Bellewode
  Victoria Anthoinette de Sauvignon   Student-Emeritus     Crystal Mynes
  AElin Kausi   Student      Aston Tor
Einarr Grimsson
  Zsigmund Szapolya   Student     Standing Stones
  Elena Modarova vnuka   Student-Emeritus     Isenfir                             [Atlantia]  
                                                     (formerly from Port Oasis, Æthlemearc)
Gotfrid von Schwaben
Helena Gewolf Student Cúm an Iolair                      (previously in Bellewode
Annora de Braose Student Loch Smythe                        (previously in Dun Ard)  
Elena Modarova vnuka Student-Emeritus Isenfir                             [Atlantia]  
                                                     (formerly from Port Oasis, Æthlemearc)
Gunnar Thorisson    
  Robert Lector of Reading   Student     Crystal Mynes
Jadwiga Marina Majewska
  Helena Gewolf   Protégé     Cúm an Iolair                        (previously in Bellewode
  Jeahanette de Nice Mountjaux   Protégé     Aston Tor
Modar Neznanich
Gotfrid von SchwabenStudent-EmeritusLiege-Man Dun Ard                          (previously in Isenfir, Atlantia)
Eloine ni MhaoileoinStudent-EmeritusLost Moor
  Adhemar de Chartres
Gwalchmai Saethydd)
     (formerly Takamatsu Muneaki)
  Student-Emeritus     Vatavia                                   (previously in Fyren-Ar)
                                                      (previously in Crescent Moon)
  Sorcha MacLeod   Student-Emeritus     Dúthaich Beinne Áird     [Outlands]
                                                      (previously in Caerthe)
  Roberto Carlos Dominguez   Student-Emeritus Liege-Man   Cúm an Iolair                        (previously in Aston Tor)
                                                      (previously in Forgotten Sea)
                                                      (previously in Bellewode
  Ines Alfón
Mór inghean Chathail)
  Student-Emeritus     Forgotten Sea                  (formerly from Outlands)
(previously in Caerthe)
                                                       (previously in Cúm an Iolair )
  Pipa Sparkes   Student-Emeritus     Axed Root                          (formerly from La Grande Tente)
(previously in Lochac)
 (previously in Cúm an Iolair)
  Jibra'il At.t.âr
(formerly Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi)
  Student-Emeritus     Caerthe                             [Outlands]
                                                         (formerly from Deodar)
  Rosa LaStrange   Student-Sabbaticus   Mag Mor                           (formerly from Bull Pytt)
Twilleliah nic TaillierStudent Aston Tor
Alexandra Vazquez de Granada
(called Shandra)
Student Axed Root
Jacqueline de MeuxProtégéLiege-Woman Flinthyll                                   (formerly from Coeur d'Ennui)
Gunnar ThorissonProtégéLiege-ManCrystal Mynes
Aoki Kentarou Tadamitsu
(formerly Timothy of Northkeep)
Protégé-EmeritusCaerthe                             [Outlands]
                                          (formerly from Ansteorra)
                                                        (previously in Northkeep)
                                                        (previously in Northshield)
                                                        (previously in MidRealm)
                                                        (previously in Sternfeld)
                                                        (previously in
Three Rivers)
Herman von Mandel   Protégé-SabbaticusLiege-ManCúm an Iolair
  Marion Forester
(aka Pfahn)
  Protégé Liege-Woman   Caerthe                             [Outlands]
                    (formerly from Northshield)
                                                         (previously in Falcon's Keep)
                                                        (previously in MidRealm)
                                                         (previously in Sternfeld)
                                                         (previously in
Three Rivers)
Einarr Grimsson  <White Boar Herald>  Protégé-EmeritusLiege-ManFlinthyll
Madeleine Rose de Cardeville Protégé-SabbaticusLiege-Person Atlantia                                  (formerly from Three Rivers)
  Odierne Lion  <Condor Herald>
     (formerly Morag ingen Dubgilla)
  Protégé-Emeritus   Liege-Man   Mag Mor                          (previously in MidRealm)
  Ermenrich von Duisburg   Protégé-Emeritus Liege-Man   Bellewode
  Vittoria dei Rossi
(formerly Victoria LaRussa)
  Protégé Liege-Person   Crescent Moon
  Kristine nic Tallier   Protégé Liege-Person   Axed Root                         (previously in Aston Tor)
  Olivia MacKay   Protégé-Sabbaticus Liege-Person   Vatavia                              (previously in Aston Tor)
  Thomas of Shrewsbury   Protégé-Sabbaticus Liege-Person   Shadowdale                       (previously in Meridies)
  Rúadán del Wich
     (called Rowan)
  Protégé-Emeritus Liege-Person   Aston Tor
  Søren atte Raven   Protégé-Emeritus Liege-Person   Aston Tor
  Miklos Farma   Protégé Liege-Person   Lonely Tower
  Catan Becc   Protégé-Emeritus Liege-Person   Spinning Winds                          (previously in Aston Tor)
Mongke Gal Protégé Liege-Person Aston Tor
  Elyzabeth Macdonald   Page-Emeritus     Northshield                                (previously in Trimaris)
 (previously in Forgotten Sea)
                                                           (previously in West Kingdom)
Roberto Carlos Dominguez  
  Aldheim of the Seven Oaks   Student     Bellewode
Thomas the Black
  Miles Magus   Student     Forgotten Sea

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