Modar's Favorite Singer

The Teutonic Temptress


Name: Dorothee Pesch

Born: June 3, 1964

Birthplace: Düsseldorf, Germany

Training: Graphic designer and typesetter

Musical Influences: KISS, Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest.

First Band: Snakebite

Second Band: The Nobodies

Third Band: Warlock

Music History

1983 - Founded the group Warlock

1984 - 1st album: Burning the Witches
1985 - 2nd album: Hellbound
EP single: You Hurt My Soul
1986 - 3rd album: True as Steel
1987 - 4th album:  Truimph & Agony

Warlock breaks up and Doro continues under her name.

1989 - 5th album: Force Majeure
1990 - 6th album: Doro
1991 - 7th album: Rare Diamonds (Best of first 6 albums)
  - 8th album: True at Heart
1993 - 9th album:  Angels Never Die
- 10th album: Doro Live (Compilation from tours)
1995 - 11th album: Machine II Machine
  - 12th album: Machine II Machine Electric Club Mixes
- 13th album: A Whiter Shade of Pale
1998 - 14th album: Love Me In Black
  - 15th album: The Ballads
  - 16th album: The Best of Doro
- 17th album: Earthshaker Rock - The Best of Warlock 
2000 - 18th album: Calling the Wild
2002 - 19th album: Fight
2004 - 20th album: Classic Diamonds
2006 - 21st album: Warrior Soul

1990: At the Lonestar Club in Kansas City, my wife and I had the good fortune to meet Doro,
talk with her before (and after) the show, plus I got sing part of a song (Für Immer)
with her during her performance.

Doro is beautiful, talented and a nice person to hang around with.

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