Gouttes (drops) are sometimes blazoned by names that imply their color.

Tincture       Color       Name       Represents
Argent       White/Silver       Goutte d'eau       a drop of water
Azure       Blue       Goutte des larmes       a tear drop
Gules       Red       Goutte de sang       a drop of blood
Or       Yellow/Gold       Goutte d'Or       a drop of gold
Purpure       Purple       Goutte de pourpre       a drop of wine
Sable       Black       Goutte de poix       a drop of pitch/tar
Vert       Green       Goutte d'huile or
Goutte d'olive
      a drop of olive oil

What some gouttes represent has varied over time.

The plural of goutte is goutty (ie: goutty d'eau).

A picture of tinctured gouttes can be found here
(created by Gotfrid von Schwaben).


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