Heraldic Hints
Submissions, Resubmissions and Status of Submissions

compiled by Modar Neznanich

Some of these hints are Kingdom specific, with most based on how the submission process
current works in the Kingdom of Calontir. This process can and does vary from kingdom to kingdom.
Check with your own Kingdom heralds for specific numbers of forms, time frames and costs.

Before you submit

1. Make sure that what you are submitting is what you want. Many times people design a device based on what their friends suggest they should have rather than what they really want. Many times people design a device believing they cannot have something on it that they really want (because of urban legends). Unless you are knowledgeable in SCA heraldry, get some help from an experienced herald who knows the rules, and work with them to create something you really like that will likely pass. (Even if you are knowledgeable in the field, a second opinion never hurts.)

2.Once you have designed the device, make sure you can live with it. Hang it on your wall or refrigerator for a couple of weeks. This will accomplish two things:

    a)   Establish the device’s ready identifiability. If at 10 feet away from it, you can't clearly see things
        on the device, it's likely not identifiable and will most likely be returned for that reason.
    b)   Make sure the device is what you really want. If after looking at it day after day, for a couple of
        weeks, you decide you really like it, then you know you should submit it.


Submissions                                                                   {See: Submitting a Name/Device}

1. When turning in a new submission, at whatever level, be sure you are turning in a complete package. When turning things in to the local herald, this means 3 copies of the name form, 4 color copies of the device form,  2 line-drawn (non-colored) copies of the device form and 3 copies of any additional documentation.

Note: The local herald keeps one copy of the name form, one copy of the device form and one copy of the documentation. The rest (2 copies of name form, 3 color copies of device form, 1 line-drawn (non-colored) copy of the device form and 2 copies of the documentation) are sent to the Kingdom Herald.

2. Make sure that you use Crayola Classic Markers to color the device forms. Use the regular type, NOT the washables. These provide the best "true heraldic tinctures". Do not use crayons, colored pencils or color-printers.

3. Be sure you have sent in the appropriate fees. The current cost (in Calontir) is $9 per element. That is $9 for a name only submission, $9 for a device only submission, $9 for a badge only submission, $18 for a name & device submission.

There are two ways your submission fee may be handled. The local group may have you make a check out to them and they, in turn, make a group check out to the Kingdom Herald’s Office, or they may require you to make the check out directly to the Kingdom Office. If you do make the check out to the Kingdom office, make it to: SCA Inc., Kingdom of Calontir - Heralds

Note: If going through a local group and they are making out a group check, the group may keep $2 per element and forward $7 per element to Saker.
If you are submitting directly to the Kingdom Saker Herald Office, or are sending your personal check (not a group check) all of the $9 per element is sent.

(The Kingdom Office gets to keep the $2 normally taken by the local office.).

4. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Be sure you keep a copy of the submission (and documentation) for yourself. For devices, also keep an uncolored line copy. {This way, if anything should happen to your submission, you do not have to start from scratch.}



1. When consulting with a herald about doing a resubmission, any information you have on why the previous submission was returned is useful. If you can tell the herald whether it was returned at local, Kingdom or Laurel level, it is an aid to tracking down problems. Tell the herald everything so they can look for ways to solve ALL the problems.

2. When turning in a resubmission, at whatever level, be sure you are turning in a complete package. When turning things in to the local herald, this means 5 copies for name forms, 5 copies for device forms and 3 copies of any additional documentation.

3.If a resubmission is made within one year from the time notification of the return is sent out, you do not pay for a resubmission. However, if it has been longer than one year, you must pay for the resubmission. The cost is the same as a regular submission (currently in Calontir - $9 per element).


Checking on the Status of Your Submission

1. Always check first with the herald who submitted your stuff. They may be able to help you more readily as they are familiar with the submission and because they're right there with you, can usually get information the quickest. Sometimes the notification goes to them and they have not had an opportunity to contact you, or it got filed and forgotten about. In some instances they have not heard about it either, but should be able to inquire with their superiors about the status. Only when they have been unable to assist you, should you contact your Kingdom Herald. Now, if you’re from a Kingdom that allows submissions to be sent directly to the Kingdom Office, without going through a local office, then the Kingdom Herald would be the first herald to contact

2. If your Kingdom has a Submission Herald, don’t make inquiries with the Principal Herald. The inquiry will just have to be forwarded to the Submission Herald.

3. When asking about the status of a submission, please include dates with your request. A lot of people commonly tell the herald that something disappeared a "few years ago", which could be anything from last year to 10 years ago. Send a submission date, a return date, anything to give them a starting point.

4. Please be polite. People, and even heralds, are MUCH more inclined to help someone faster if the person asks for help instead of demanding their problems be solved right then and there. Unfortunately, a herald cannot solve things right away. It takes time for them to research the problem and fix it. Be polite and work with the herald and things will get resolved in a timely fashion.

5. Be patient. It's a lot of work sometimes to locate really old lost things, or items that haven't been spoken of for years on end. It can sometimes take the herald awhile to track down leads, call in other heralds who might have information on it, etc.

6. Remind the herald. Heralds are human too. With real life to interfere, a herald can get pretty busy from time to time. It never hurts to contact them with a polite reminder to see if they've had time to look into your case. (This is especially useful if they talked with you at an event.) But give them at least a couple of weeks before making an inquiry.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Ron "Modar" Knight
Baron Modar Neznanich, OPel
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