Heraldic Outerwear Competition
Kris Kinder
Dec 11, 2010

Be it cloak, coat or cape...if it's heraldic we want you to enter!!!!

Information & Rules

Heraldic cloaks and other outerwear are not restricted to just Peers.
As it states in one of the articles in the Calontir Heralds Handbook:
"Any member of the populace regardless of their rank or awards
may have a cloak with their heraldic device on it. One merely
cannot use symbols or other display around it that one is
not entitled to."

To encourage more folk to create heraldic garments, particularly
such outerwear, Master Modar Neznanich is sponsoring a
competition at Kris Kinder. There will be two categories:

1) Heraldic Outerwear: Non-Peer
2) Heraldic Outerwear: Peer
The garments may be either display style or allusive style.
Display style has one or more shields of the heraldry on it; or the
whole garment is composed of the shield design. It is displaying
the heraldic design directly.
Allusive style has heraldic elements on the garment that allude to
the heraldry without being the design on the shield.
Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category.
NOTE 1: Documentation is not required, but certainly welcome.
NOTE 2: A picture of one's heraldic design to accompany the
garment is not required, but welcome.


We look forward to seeing everyone at Kris Kinder and
hope that many of you will enter the competition!!!

Please let others know they -can- use their heraldic device & badges on all sorts of things
(clothing, mugs, boxes, plates, chairs, banners, favors, tents, stationary, bags, etc)
and encourage them to do as much heraldic display as possible. Let them know
that even if they don't have an AoA, they can still display their armory.
This sort of display adds to the ambience and the pageantry of our Society.
It makes everyone's SCA experience much more colorful and the more
of it there is, the better.
Thank you!!!

Cloak Examples: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
  Example 5a
 Example 5b
Example 6
Example 7
  Example 8 Example 9 Example 10 Example 11
  Example 12
Example 13a
Example 13b
[in progress]
Example 13c
[in progress]

Rolls of Arms

Forgotten Sea - Populace Heraldry

Aston Tor - Populace Heraldry

Calontir - Populace Heraldry

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