Canton of Aston Tor Armorial
[Heraldic Devices for Populace Members Past and Present]
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Ælin Kausi
<In Process> Sable, on an open book argent a cat couchant gules.
Áed mac Néill
Per bend rayonny azure and gules, an eagle displayed and three mullets argent.
Aengus Stiubhard Mac Dhughaill

Barry wavy argent and azure, a ship gules and a chief wavy sable mulletty Or.
Agamemnon Platolithidae
Checky argent and sable, a sun Or eclipsed sable, a bordure Or.
Áine nic Táilliúir
Device: Azure, a coney salient between flaunches Or each flaunch charged with a Lochaber axe bit to center sable.
Badge 1: (Fieldless) A vegetable lamb Or fructed of sheep sable.
Badge 2: (Fieldless) A winged rabbit sejant guardant sinister paw raised Or, wings elevated and addorsed azure, attired of a stag's antlers argent.
Badge 3: (Fieldless) A Lochaber axe fesswise, blade edge to chief, sable.
Ainmere O Glass (Ainmere ua Glaiss)
Argent, on a fess between two boars statant vert, a boar statant argent.
Alan of Caerlaverock [Honorary Member]
Or, a tower vert, a bordure gules semy of birds Or.
Alasdair Macbeth
<In Use, Not Registered> Per pall argent, vert and sable, a harp sable and two wolves sejant ululant respectant argent.
Alexander Brightmoore
Per pale azure and argent, four chalices in fess, two and two, counterchanged.  [Note: Name & Device released.]
Alfred Wiles of Hereford
Gules, a fess checky sable and Or, in chief three crosses crosslet fitchy Or.
Alianora d'Argent (Alianora of Forgotten Sea)
Per pale argent and vert, an angel within a bordure charged with butterflies counterchanged.
Almedha of Anglesey
Per bend sinister embattled lozengy argent and sable and gules, a crescent and a bat displayed counterchanged.
Alcynon of Aston Tor (Alcynon Luminore of Gyldawen Abbeie) (Alcynon Feedrea of Gildawen Haven) *
Per chevron azure and Or, a comet fesswise Or and a crequier azure leaved gules.
Altani Sechen
<No Device Registered>
Amba allrasystir
Azure, an alphyn passant and on a chief Or three step-cut gemstones azure.
Andre de Chasseron
Or, three piles in point gules, on a chief enarched azure a sword reversed Or.
Angus Macallister (Angus Makalester)
Per pale sable and azure, a double-bitted axe and a base argent.
Anna of Fernwood
<No Device Registered>
Annalies Grossmund
Per pale vert and argent, a snake nowed in a Hungerford knot inverted counterchanged.
Anora Rose MacCorkhill
Purpure, on a chevron between three harps argent, three roses azure, barbed and seeded proper.
Arne Sørensen (Arn gullhar)
Per pale gules and sable, a Thor's hammer argent within a torc Or.
Armory 2: Per pale gules and sable, a valknut argent within a torc Or.
Armory 3: Vert, on a pale double endorsed Or, a spear sable.
Aura Sparrow (Alessandra Dragonetti)
<Attributed, Not Registered> Quarterly sable and argent, three skulls counterchanged and a bordure rayonny gules.

Banba MacDermot (Banbnat MacDermot)
Device: Per bend wavy azure and argent, a bunch of grapes and a hedgehog rampant counterchanged.
Armory 2: Per fess vert ermined argent and argent, in base three hedgehogs statant azure.
Beocca the Fair of Hastings
Quarterly Or and azure, a cross Moline between four suns counterchanged.
Briana Etain MacKorkhill
Vert, a windmill bendwise sinister and on a chief dovetailed argent, three strawberries gules, capped vert.
Cadfael the Mordacious (Cadfael the Mordant)
Per chevron argent and azure, two clusters of three hop leaves vert and a decrescent argent surmounted by a crossbow bolt fesswise reversed Or, the tip distilling a goutte de sang.
Caitilin Macallister
Per pale gules and azure, on a chevron rompu argent three roses sable barbed and seeded proper.
Caitlin nic Aindriu of Dumbarton (Caitlin nic Aindreis of Dumbarton)
Purpure, a ship on a chief argent three quatrefoil knots purpure.
Caitrin Talbot
<No Device Registered>
Caitríona ingen Láeghaire
Per bend sinister azure and vert, a natural dolphin naiant bendwise sinister argent and a dragonfly bendwise sinister Or.
Catalina Artemisia Anguissola
Azure, a winged fish volant bendwise and in base a bar wavy Or.
Chidiock the Younger
Sable, a bison's head cabossed within a bordure Or.
Christian de Fauvel * (Christian O'Donnell)
<In Use, Not Registered> Quarterly argent and sable, a cross fleury gules within a bordure counterchanged.
Collette Storme
Argent, a bat winged dragon's head affronty per pale sable and vert, a bordure per pale vert and sable.
Connell O'Carroll
Argent, an arm embowed to sinister maintaining a hammer sable and three wolf's teeth issuant from sinister gules.
Dash Unegen
Or, a broken snaffle-bit chevronwise inverted sable within five arrows in annulo gules.
David Mac Kenna
Or, in pale three mullets of eight interlocking mascles gules, a bordure engrailed pean.
David de Val du Bois
Gules, three fir trees and on a chief triangular Or a heart gules.
Denise Lecourt
Argent, four crosses Moline disjointed two and two azure.
Diana Tantini
Per chevron embattled purpure semy of threaded needles palewise argent and argent, an apple purpure.
Dietrich Eisenkopf
<In Use, Not Registered> Gules, on a fess between a sunburst and a sunburst inverted Or, a double-headed eagle displayed sable.
Dietrich Hartmann
Per pale argent and vert, an eagle displayed counterchanged and on a base sable a sword fesswise argent.
Dorcas Whitecap
Vert, a dolphin haurient contourny and on a chief wavy argent, three crescents vert.
Dorinda Scorpione [Honorary Member]
Or, on a bend dancetty between two scorpions gules a sword Or.
Drust Loc [Honorary Member]
Per pale azure and argent, a triquetra within a bordure all counterchanged.
Eadweard Boisewright (Eadweard Boise the Wright)
Argent, a dromedary couchant contourny sable laden gules within a bordure azure.
Ealhwynna MacDonald
Argent, on a heart azure a mullet of eight points argent, a bordure vert.
Einarr inn spaki
Per chevron argent and vert, two ravens addorsed sable and a bear rampant argent.
Elazar ben Izmael
Argent, a Star-of-David azure and on a chief purpure two cherubs Or.
Elena de Rennes
Per pale argent and azure, a demi-sun counterchanged.
Elfwyn de Carn Ingli
<No Device Registered>
Elspet Mwngwmry
Gules, in pale two roses Or barbed vert between flaunches checky azure and Or.
Emmelina Lutz
Argent, a sea-dragon azure within a bordure wavy azure semy of lozenges argent.
Ermosinda Istra (Ystra)
Purpure, two snow leopards rampant guardant addorsed, tails intertwined argent, in chief three butterflies Or.
Erik Erikson the Scout
[Honorary Member]
Vert, a bend invected argent between a sun in his splendor and a tir rune Or.

Ersebet Francisca Cardinali
Per pale argent and vert, a Lacy knot between in pale a trowel fesswise and a trowel fesswise reversed counterchanged.
Esa Southwick [Honorary Member]
Azure, on a fess between three Celtic crosses argent, a dragon passant azure.
Falgeon Trae
<No Device Registered>
Fearghus O'Shannon
Per chevron azure and barry wavy argent and vert, in chief two natural tiger's jambes erased argent marked sable.
Federigo da Padua
<No Device Registered>
Felar nic Táilliúir (Faolán Táilliúir)
Or, in pale a Lochaber axe fesswise and a wolf's head ululant erased contourny sable all within a bordure azure semy of mullets of four points Or.
Ferogain of River Shannon
<In Use, Not Registered> Vert, a fess dancetty in base a bunch of bananas Or.
Fredrich Gerebrand
Pily bendy sinister argent and azure, a wolf's head caboshed and on a chief gules, three hammers Or.
Freouwebbe (of Aston Tor) (Froeuwebbe)
<No Device Registered>
Garin of Aston Tor
Per chevron purpure and vert, a chevron and in chief two caltrops argent.
Garret of Aston Tor (Garrison Turtletaub)
Per chevron vert and Or, two lutes in profile bendwise sinister and a turtle rampant counterchanged.
Gerald of Ipsley
Sable, in cross four leopard's heads Or, jessant-de-lys argent, in canton for augmentation a poppy slipped and leaved Or, all within a bordure argent.
Ginevra Solario
Per pale gules and Or, five hearts in saltire counterchanged.
Giric nic Taillur
Argent semy of Lochaber axes sable, on a bend sinister purpure a crossbow argent.
Gisela von Lotharingen
<No Device Registered>
Gustav Jameson (Example 2)
Argent ermined vert, a squirrel rampant gules maintaining a mug sable within a bordure vert.
Halla Ivarsdottir
Argent, in pale three seeblätter purpure between flaunches gules each charged with a Latin cross argent.
Helena Gewolf
Argent semy of strawberry leaves, on a pale vert, a wolf salient argent
Herman von Mandel
Barry and per pale sable and Or, a wing terminating in a hand maintaining a sword all within a bordure gules.
Hertha Blair of Froggestow
Or, a frog rampant within a bordure wavy vert.
Hobb Drake (Hobbes)
Quarterly Or and gules, four roundels in cross counterchanged and a chief embattled sable.
Hrothgar the Smith (Hroþgar þe Smið)
Argent, a triskelion gules between three mullets sable.
Iaan Sørensen
Per bend gules and argent, two lizards bendwise, heads respectant, counterchanged argent and sable.
Ian McGreggor
<No Device Registered>
Ian MacPhilip
Per saltire gules and sable, four moons in their plenitude argent.
Isabeau FitzLyon
Lozengy argent and gules, a lion's head couped contourny Or and on a base sable a dagger fesswise Or.
Isolde of Hawksholme
Per bend azure and argent, a horse rampant contourny counterchanged.
Jacqueline Storme
Argent, a dragonfly sable and a bordure per pale azure and gules.
Jadwiga Marina Majewska
Lozengy Or and gules, ermined Or, on a chief indented Or a cat couchant purpure.
Jaida bint Nadra
<No Device Registered>
James Cunningham [Honorary Member]
<In Use, Not Registered> Vert scaly argent, a shakefork Or.
James Dexter
<No Device Registered>
János Katona
Argent, an ounce rampant sable and on a chief rayonny vert a bow fesswise Or.
Jehannette de Nicé Montjaux  [Janet nic Táilliúir]
Or, a rooster statant contourny purpure and a mount vert.
Johanne of Fisher Gate
Per pale wavy Or and vert, three thistles in pale proper and a rabbit rampant Or.
Jonathan Hogue
<In Use, Not Registered>
Per fess gules and argent, in chief a fox courant and a fox courant to sinister Or and in base a goblet sable, charged with a Maltese cross gules, fimbriated argent.
Jorczyk von Ottengrun
Or, a dumbek gules and on a chief sable three horseshoes inverted Or.
Judur bint 'Abd al-Wahid (Rosaleng of the Roe Woode)
Per pale argent and azure, a chevron inverted and in chief a rose counterchanged.
Kailie Otterburn
<No Device Registered>
Kate O'Halloran
(Katherine O'Halloran)

<No Device Registered>
Kathryn McLain of Faire Haven
Argent, a bend dancetty purpure between a thistle proper and a horse's head couped to sinister azure.
Kendrick Shropshire
Per chevron embattled vert and argent, two estoiles and a ship reversed counterchanged.
Khabul (Khabul Sechen)
<No Device Registered>
Kristine nic Tallier
<In Use, Not Registered> Argent, a chevron rompu rayonny on the upper edge purpure between two flutes palewise vert and a Lochaber axe sable.
Lasair nic Táilliúir
Per pale wavy argent and sable, a Lochaber axe sable and a flame Or.
Laura of Wakefield
<No Device Registered>
Luzia do Valongo
Purpure, a horse salient and a chief embattled argent.
Madoc ap Llewellyn
Per chevron vert and Or, two horse’s heads respectant couped vertically and a stag passant counterchanged.
Maire O'Shannon
Barry wavy argent and vert, a sea-unicorn contourny azure.
Malcolm of Applecross
Argent, on a chevron argent fimbriated vert between three Celtic crosses fitchy sable three apples vert.
Marcella the Unknown (Marcella of Forgotten Sea) (Marcella Boicewright)
Gules, an elephant statant and in chief three elephant's heads cabossed argent.
Marguerite Elisabeth of Sandwich
Per fess purpure and Or, two roses Or and a melusine proper crined sable, a bordure counterchanged.
Marianna da Fiorenza
Per chevron throughout purpure and argent, two lit candles and a sun in its splendor counterchanged.
Marie de Lancey
Per fess azure and gules, three increscents and a martlet Or.
Marie O Hennerie
Per chevron rayonny purpure and Or, two sunbursts and a sealion erect counterchanged.
Marjorie Honor Rose
Per fess wavy azure and argent, two roses and a seahorse contourny counterchanged.
Melodie Catherine MacPherson  [formerly Catan Becc (called Cat), formerly Dairenn Hrafnsdottir, formerly Hanako Yamamoto]
Per pall vert, sable and argent, in pale a butterfly Or and two cats respectant argent and sable.
Mirabel Wynne
Device: Or, a sun azure eclipsed argent, a bordure azure estoilly argent.
Armory 2: Vert, a tree blasted and eradicated argent between in fess two mullets Or all within a bordure argent.
Modar Neznanich
Per pale purpure and argent, in fess two mullets of eight interlocking mascles counterchanged.
Molly Hathaway (Mary Elizabeth Hathaway)
Bendy sans nombre argent and vert, on a pale engrailed azure three harps argent.
Mongke Gal
Per pale gules and argent, a phoenix within a bordure wavy charged with mullets counterchanged.
Mór Ballach inghean Domhnaill (Moira)
Argent, in pale three crosses of Saint Brigid sable, a dexter tierce indented gules.
Mór Glasscock (Margrette Bartlett, Margaret Drummond)
 Argent, on a glass goblet purpure between three daisies sable a cock argent.
Armory 2:
<In use, not registered> Gyronny purpure and argent, a daisy sable.
Morgana of Raglan [Honorary Member]
Device: Or, a winged mermaid proper, crined gules, wings displayed, crowned of a county coronet, a bordure vert.
Armory 2: Per bend sinister vert and Or, two melusines counterchanged.
Muirgheal of Cashel
Argent, a triple-towered castle on a chief vert three escallops argent.
Nymandus vom Weidehügel
Vert, in pale an anchor Or and a cloud argent.

Olivia MacKay  [Honorary Member]
Device: Per pale gules and argent all estencelly counterchanged, a chief sable.
Armory 2:Argent, a columbine and a bordure wavy purpure charged with increscents argent.
Oriana de Stonham
Argent, a quill purpure issuant bendwise sinister from an ink-pot azure, a base purpure.

Qara Chinua
Sable, on a bend argent between two pheons Or three wolves salient palewise sable.
Raisa Alekseeva iz Vologda
<In Use, Not Registered>  Vert, on a chevron inverted Or three oak leaves sable, in chief a bear's head cabossed Or.
Randolph Fletcher
Sable, in bend sinister three arrows bendwise inverted argent, each enfiling a cartouche voided bendwise sinister Or.
Raven Thornheart (Hrafnhildr inghean Cormac)
<In Use, Not Registered> Lozengy sable and argent, two elephants combattant gules, on a chief argent three cook-pots sable.
Reimond of Ipstones
Sable, a phoenix and a chief embattled Or.
Ricardus Goldhavoc [Honorary Member]
Sable mullety argent, on a bend Or an arrow reversed sable.
Riik of Flatrock
Vert, a bend azure, fimbriated, between a castle argent and a tower Or.
Robert of Coldcastle
Azure, a boar's head erased and on a chief embattled argent, a tower azure.
Roberto Carlos Dominguez
Gules, a pretzel erminois and a base wavy Or.
Rodrigo de Valencia (Rodrigo of Aston Tor)
Erminois, a cock contourny within a bordure embattled gules.
Roise inghean ui Ruaidhri (Rose)
Gules, on a fess rayonny argent between two arrows fesswise reversed Or three roses proper.
Roland d'Argentan
Per pale argent and vert, a tower, a bordure embattled counterchanged.
Romana of Aqua Terra
<No Device Registered>
Rónán Meade
Per bend sinister wavy vert and Or, a grape leaf bendwise issuant from the line of division and a bunch of grapes issuant from the line of division counterchanged.
Rory McGowan
Per fess argent and vert ermined argent, in chief three Lacy knots gules.
Rowena Axelsdottir
Azure, three Catherine wheels in pale Or within a bordure engrailed ermine.
Rúadán del Wich (Rowan)
Per bend sinister rayonny argent and sable, a hawk close and a wolf sejant counterchanged, a bordure azure.
Rycharde de Stonham
Azure, a pile throughout argent, on a chevron overall a wolf sejant ululant between two fleur-de-lys all counterchanged.
Saige de Monmouth
Or, a trowel between flaunches azure each flank charged with a rose Or.
Sakurai no Jirou Takeo
Argent, a torii gate gules and on a chief wavy sable three cherry blossoms argent. [Note: Name & Device released.]
Sean the Traveler (Sean atte Dragon) (Sean of Aston Tor)
Argent, on a fess dancetty vert between two cauldrons and an equal-armed Celtic cross sable, a bear passant argent.
Sefa Steinólfsdóttir
Per bend azure and argent goutty de sang, a double-bitted axe bendwise per bend argent and azure, in sinister chief in fess a roundel between an increscent and a decrescent argent.
Shane Bax  
Argent, a hawk striking contourny vert maintaining an arrow bendwise sinister between three crosses of Calatrava sable.
Armory 2: 
Argent, a hawk statant regardant vert maintaining a sword and in chief three crosses of Calatrava sable.
Sibilla Lytelgrom
<In Use, Not Registered> Per fess embattled azure semy of arrows fesswise reversed Or and Or, in base a winged rabbit sejant, wings elevated and addorsed, azure.
Sine ni Shranacháin
Per pale argent and Or, on a chief triangular purpure a cat's face Or.
Siubhan Catriona Guinne
Azure, two bendlets wavy Or between an escallop and a dolphin haurient argent.
Sorcha inghean Fhaoláin
Vert, on a pile between two thistles Or a wolf rampant sable. 
Søren atte Raven
Per saltire gules and argent, in pale two drums Or and in fess two crows close sable.
Stephen Blackwolf
Per chevron sable and gules, in chief a sun Or, a bordure erminois.
Sylvia Schirenhoferin
Vert, a bison statant argent and on a chief doubly enarched Or a cranequin fesswise sable.
Talia Griffin
Argent, a griffin contourny and on a chief sable an increscent and a decrescent argent.
Taliesin Brynderw
Or honeycombed sable, a chalice azure a bordure sable.
Thore d'Ormoi
Argent, a bull rampant guardant azure, a label dovetailed sable.
Tiberius Octavius Carinus (called Carnius)
Or, a dragon statant gules winged sable between four bows in cross sable.
Tigernan Otterburn  
Per bend azure and gules, on a bend argent between two phoenixes Or a brown otter rampant proper.
Armory 2: <In Process> (Fieldless) A phoenix per pale gules and Or rising from flames Or and winged gules.
Toen Fitzwilliam
Vert semy of caltrops argent.
Trevor of Chinon (John Trevor of Chinon)
Per chevron vert and argent, two pincers argent and a sea lion sable.
Twilleliah nic Taillur
Purpure, a Lacy knot argent and on a chief urdy ermine a Lochaber axe blade to chief sable.
Úlfkell lfúss [Honorary Member]
Vair, a wolf rampant maintaining a tankard, a base sable.
Ulfr Thyrison (Úlfr Þyrison) [Honorary Member]
Azure, on a fess between two axes fesswise argent an axe fesswise reversed azure
Veronica Onofrio
<No Device Registered>
Véronique du Pillier de Bois
Per bend sable and azure, a moon in its plenitude and a rose argent, slipped and leaved vert.
Viola de Verde
Per fess purpure and vert, in chief a pair of angles fesswise interlaced in pale Or and a base wavy barry wavy argent and vert.
Wilhelm von Arnsburg
Argent, on a bend azure between two helms vert a billhook argent.
William Christopher Bainbridge
Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a spider between three roses Or.
William the Wicked
Argent, a chevron gules between two hounds passant addorsed sable and a torteau.


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