31st Annual
Fantasy Football Draft
2017-2018 Season

Saturday, Aug 18, 2018
10 AM
- not at Leatherwolf Point

A'ine nic Talliuer's House
8415 S. Corn
Oak Grove, Mo 64075-6202
   Home Phone: 816-224-4069
   Cell Phone:    816-223-9907

Directions to draft:
Best route to Interstate 70.
Take I 70 to Grain Valley ( exit 24 ).
Turn south and drive about 4.5 miles.
Turn Left ( East ) onto Nebgen ( the right side is Major ).
Go about 1/4 mile and turn right ( south ) onto Corn.
Continue South until you see a white fence on the left (east ) turn into driveway.
You will not see the house from the road. The driveway is about 900ft.

General Info:
As per usual, the Draft will start at 10am, so please arrive a few minutes early to get set up.
Don't forget your Draft Packets!

Feel free to bring:
     Football Magazines

The MFFL Draft is open to Team Owners. 
Significant Others, family members & other members of House Leatherwolf & friends
interested in watching, please send a request to Modar.

A lunch break will be taken about the middle of the draft, as has been usual in years past.

MFFL Information:          
Current Teams
(Click on Team Name to see Team Logo)
    Owners Notes  
Arcolin Anti-Fuzzies [alt.]   Jadwiga   9-Times Champion 
Black-Mountain Jesters [alt.]   Roberto 2-Times Champion  [Current Champion 2017-2018]
Blue-Ridge Boars [alt.]Einarr
England Extras [alt.]Scrub
Golden War-Angels [alt.]   Modar    5-Times Champion
Herefordshire Hedgehogs [alt.]   Banba 1-Time Champion
Lyonna Lydans [alt.]   Briana 10-Times Champion [2 Perfect Seasons]
Robogdii Renegades [alt.]Ronan
Stavanger Stallions          [alt.]   Gunnar 1-Time Champion    
Versailles Villains [alt.]   Jorczyk 1-Time Champion  
Standby Teams
(Click on Team Name to see Team Logo)
Bellford Broomflowers          
De Bellam Scarabs          
Holbrook Hell-Horses          
Mayfield Medusas          
Tusken Sand-Raiders          

MFFL Information:      
Historical MFFL Notes:      
Over the course of the years the MFFL has evolved from a Basic Standard League to become a Standard Serpentine-Draft Full-Potential Performance-Scoring Keeper League.
Former Teams who have previously played in the league:
Basehor Bobcats    [alt.]
Black-Mountain Pretzels
Blue-Ridge Boars
England Extras [alt.]
Firesteel Phoenix[alt.]
Fort Sill Artillery[alt.]
Galata Ghouls
Golden Templars
Gulfport Griffins
Hartford Heralds
Herman Hermits
Hex Philes[alt.] 1-Time Champion
Iceland Snow-Wolves
Mandel Battlewings
New London Thunder
Northland Irregulars
Oatbarton Ogres
Okobojii Defenestrators
Oxnard Orcs
Palanthas Wyverns
Robogdii Renegades [alt.]
Rolla Renegades
Starhaven Spoilers
Tamworth Turtles
Taylorville Vorpal-Bunnies [alt.]
Versailles Vigilantes [alt.]
Winterhaven Pirates
MFFL Information:      

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