32nd Annual MFFL
Fantasy Football Draft
2019-2020 Season
Football Draft Files

Following are the files with the information needed by Team Owners to prepare for the upcoming MFFL season.
Because some team owners live a distance from the KC area, the data is being supplied in this manner rather than trying to place physical packets in everyone's hands. Thus all the owners have the information in a timely manner.

Each file is marked with level of relevance to the MFFL Draft. 
PLEASE be sure to bring copies of the items marked as "Required" to the draft.

And seriously consider bringing copies of any items marked as suggested to bring.

The rest of the files are for use throughout the season and are not necessarily needed for the draft.
However, team owners should look over these files prior to the draft, just in case they have questions.

If anyone requires a physical packet or has questions concerning the draft, the MFFL rules, etc, please contact Modar.

MFFL Team Owner Packet
(electronic format)
    Draft Form
    Draft Instructions
(2 copies of this)   Roster Sheet
    NFL Days Off
    Player List - QB
    Player List - RB
    Player List - WR
    Player List - TE
    Player List - K
    Player List - DL
    MFFL Constitution
    Draft Order
Scoring Table
    Fantasy Football Terms

Details on the MFFL Draft date, time and location are at:


MFFL Commissioner