Heraldry Page

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A History of the Knights Templar in the Crusades: A Basic Overview
by Modar Neznanich

Ancient & Medieval Falconry
by Shawn E. Carroll

Mediaeval Collars for the Modern Dog
by Alianora Munro

Tokens and Favors
by Arran Shaen MacTavish

A Survey of Tokens in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
by Alianora Munro

What is a Bard?
by Snicker Furfoot

The Practice of Brammage
by Ioseph of Locksley

Guide to Hand Kissing
by Ioseph of Locksley

On Ethics and the Peerage
by Ioseph of Locksley

Politics in the SCA
by Ioseph of Locksley

Fealty in the SCA
by Ioseph of Locksley

Some Thoughts on SCA vs. Medieval Tournament Prizes
by Culwyn Bleidd Caernarfon

Fighting and Love Tokens
by Rosemounde of Mercia


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