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Kingdom of Calontir Website

Kingdom of Calontir - Curia Regis

A Calontir SCA Event Calendar

Calontir College of Heralds

Calontir Groups

Calontir Awards

Award Recs: What They Are, Why They Are Done
And How To Do Them
-   Article by Modar Neznanich
Etcetera - the Kingdom of Calontir Article by Jessa d'Avondale
Living in the SCA: Awards - Article by Thoman Shadan Secarius
Calontir Order of Precedence - From the Calontir Kingdom Page 
On-Line Calontir Award Rec Form Form to recommend someone for an award
[Fill out and click, it e-mails Their Majesties Calontir]

Calontir Information

Arts & Sciences
  -   Web version of the A&S Criteria Revision Project completed under the
(then) Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, Briana Etain MacKorkhill.
Arts & Sciences in Calontir   -   A developing page by Mathurin Kerbusso
* R.U.S.H. *   -   Calontir's Royal University of Scir-Hafoc
Calontir Trim   -   An excellent place to buy trim for garb
Striking Falcon Images   -   Useful for creating a Calontir War Tabard
Calontir Heraldry
Submission Forms
  -   Forms to submit names, devices, badges
Calontir Court Report Form   -   Form to use to report court activities
Calontir Heraldry
Quarterly Report Form
- Form for Calontir Heralds to use to submit Quarterly Reports
Calontir Heraldry
Domesday Report Form
  -   Form for Calontir Heralds to use to submit Domesday Reports
Calontir Picture Armorial   -   Emblazons of heraldic devices registered to Calontir populace.
Started by Giles of Redheugh, continued by Amanda of Coldcastle
and now run by Gunnar Thorisson.
Heraldry of the 
Ruling Nobles of Calontir
A listing of the armory of those who guided Calontir

Heraldic Submissions Status   -   Webpage with status of Calontir Heraldic Submissions


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