Heraldry Consultation
Following is information on running heraldic consulting tables, some handy forms to have available
as well as several articles that are helpful to have at the table to give out to interested folks,
as they contain various bits of information dealing with submissions and some useful links.
[Please feel free to print-out any of the articles listed on this page to give to SCA heraldry clients.] 

Consulting With A Heraldic Client  

Consultation Form: Device Design Doodle Sheet
(Two-sided sheet: Set of 9 small shields per page to work up designs, plus info needed for forms.)

Running a Consulting Table - Class-Outline & Hand-outs

Electrum Herald's Twenty Questions to Ask When Consulting on Armory

Consulting Techniques: or How to Ask Your Client the Right Questions for Heraldic Registration
by Rafaella d’Allemtejo

Calontir Submission Forms

Links to Submission Forms for Other Kingdoms

Heraldic Myths (Information to clear up misconceptions involving SCA heraldry)

Creating a Heraldic Device

Choosing a Name & Creating a Persona

Protocol Information

Heraldry Articles

Rolls-of-Arms & Picture Armorials


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