A brief explanation on why the duty of local herald court reports exists

When a Court is held in a group's area, the local group is ALSO responsible for a Court Report being filed.
If the local group has a herald, it is the responsibility of that office.
If a local group does not have a herald, the responsibility falls to the group's seneschal.

The purpose is not to have the local herald submit an exact copy of the report that the Crown's herald has already made, but to submit a copy of their own creation from what they observed happening at Court.  The local herald does not have to do the recording of events at the court themselves, but may ask someone to do such for them (generally someone sitting at the front of the seating, so they have a clear view and can hear the court activities going on)--a court reporter.  The purpose is to have an additional report to validate and elucidate the information provided by other court reports turned in.
The Crown's herald or chamberlain who is taking TRMs report can easily list who was planned to be awarded, but the local herald in their report can verify who actually came up in court to accept an award and who was called but did not come up as they were not present.  Additionally, the local herald report can give information on what items (gifts, largesse, etc) were presented in court.  The Crown report, as the list of court business is created before Court happens, may only note that so-and-so wanted to make a presentation...it might not include what is being presented.  The local herald report helps fill in that data.
The local herald report can also note if someone other than the recipient accepted an award. And in the case of court held in a barony, whether the individual accepting for a recipient was the local baronage or not.
Additionally, the local herald can also note corrections on the name of the folk called into court.  For example, "Sarah Smith of Forgotten Sea" might be called into court, as that is the name the Crown was provided with.  However, the local herald might know that the person has recently decided on the name "Sarah Bromsdottir". By supplying that information in their report, the local herald helps ensure that the Clerk of the Precedence is given updated/corrected information. Which in turn helps keep the Kingdom's OP current which in turn helps the Crown.
The primary focus of the reports is that the information of what went on in a court is being sent to the Kingdom's Clerk of the Precedent in a timely manner, so the records of the populace members can be accurately updated. Thus the Crown (present and future) has current information to utilize in determining if an individual has an award or not, how long it's been since someone's last award and what name an individual is currently using. The system is set up so that hopefully multiple reports will reach the Clerk of the Precedent Office, which can be checked against each other to guarantee accuracy (on date of award, spelling of recipient's name, etc).

It is -preferred- that Court Reports be filed within the week following the Court, if at all possible.

Blank Report Forms and who to send copies to, can be found HERE.

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