Heraldry: Court Reports
Kingdom of Calontir
NOTE: The herald doing Court is responsible for turning in a Court Report.
(This is in addition to a report from Their Majesties - sent in by either the White Hawk Herald or TRMs Chamberlain)

When a Court is held in a group's area, the local group is ALSO responsible for a Court Report being filed.
If the local group has a herald, it is the responsibility of that office.
If a local group does not have a herald, the responsibility falls to the group's seneschal.
(The herald and/or seneschal does not have to take the notes themselves, but should make sure that a local person is taking Court notes.)

It is -preferred- that Court Reports be filed within the week following the Court, if at all possible.

Blank report forms can be found at:

Court Report Forms:   RTF Format; MS Word Format; PDF Format (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Once the Court Report is created (listing all awards given), copies of it should be sent to:

Principal Herald of Kingdom (i.e. Gold Falcon Herald in Calontir)
Kingdom Clerk of the Precedence (i.e. Blue Hawk Herald in Calontir)
Their Royal Majesties
Their Royal Highnesses
(if currently applicable)

Additionally, if items of value or monies are presented to the Kingdom, a copy should also go to
the Kingdom Exchequer/Treasurer.

Finally, file a copy of the Court Report in your group's records.

Court reports should be taken and filed with the Kingdom Clerk of the Precedence by several individuals, including the local group herald, the Royal Chamberlain and the herald doing court (if different from the local herald). This multiple filing helps assure that nothing gets missed when updating of the Order of Precedence occurs.

A brief discussion on the purpose of local herald court reports can be found HERE.

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