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Calontir Scribes Handbook    
Heraldry for Scribes
by Sorcha MacLeod
  Examples of Scrolls
Heraldry & Scribes   Cyber Scriptorium
Medieval Manuscript Production
by Alethea Charle
  Oxford University's Bodelain Library of Illuminated Pages
How manuscripts & parchment are made   Calligraphy, Manuscripts and Illumination
Calligraphy and Illumination Links
     (Sample scrolls; articles on style, layout, pens, paper, inks, paints, etc)
  Labyrinth Search: Manuscripts
Of Scribes, Scrolls and Awards: Fitting it all Together
by Tatiana Dieugarde
  Whitework 101
Lessons for Beginner Scribes on How to Paint SCA Scrolls
by Dairine mor o'uHigin
  Creating French Culture: Monarchs and Monasteries
Auntie Elspeth Reviews Calligraphy and Illumination Books   DScriptorium
Tres Riche Heures du Duc de Berry   Manuscripts, Paleography, Codicology
Calligraphy Groups and Resources   The Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
Medieval Manuscripts on the Web: A Brief Introduction   The Bergendal Collection
Piers Plowman Facsimiles   Islamic Calligraphy
Basic Scribes Equipment   Japanese Calligraphy
Quills - Part 1: General Information   Chinese Calligraphy
Quills - Part 2: Cutting a Quill Pen   How to Cut a Bamboo Pen
Quills - Part 3: Ink   Calligraphy & Illumination Hints
Kingdom of the Outlands Scribe's Handbook   Older Set of Calligraphy and Illumination Links


Articles "Missing in Action"
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Medieval Manuscript Production <--with pictures intact
by Alethea Charle

Vellum Gallery of Calligraphy, Illumination, and Letter Arts

Turkish Calligraphy

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