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SCA Heraldry Page   -   The official heraldry page.
SCA Heraldry Rules   -   Rules for Submission of the SCA College of Arms
SCA Heraldry Handbook   -   Administrative Handbook of the SCA College of Arms
SCA Glossary of Heraldry Terms - Explanations of terms plus Appendices
Laurel-of-Arms Precedents   -   Precedents of the SCA College of Arms
 ...Dame Elsbeth's Name Precedents        
 ...Dame Elsbeth's Armory Precedents
    Master François la Flamme's Name Precedents
    Master François la Flamme's Armory Precedents 
Collected Precedents: Compatible Names        
SCA Heraldic Related Mailing Lists - Come join a discussion on heraldry!
The Heraldry Cliche Checklist   -   by Alan Fairfax
Argent Snail's Armory Insta-Boing Check List   -   by Jaelle of Armida
(Basic checks for SCA device or badge submission )        
Counting Complexity in Devices and Badges   -   by Dmitrii Volkovich
Basic Conflict Checking   -   by Teceangl Bach
De Bello Armoram
(A multi-part armorial conflict tutorial.)
  -   by Rouland Carre
Kingdom Letters of Intent (LoIs) - Letters of Intent and Comment for various kingdoms
LoARs - Archive of Laurel Letters   -   The LoARs from the SCA Laurel-of-Arms Office
The Academy of Saint Gabriel Homepage   -   The Academy of Saint Gabriel does historical research on names and heraldry,
primarily for history hobbyists interested in re-creating medieval and Renaissance
Western cultures. The Academy will give you information about the authenticity
of your name or arms; and if they believe it could be more authentic, they will
suggest ways to improve it. However, they cannot help you with questions
about genealogy or family arms. They also generally do not help people trace
the origins of modern surnames.
The Academy of Saint Gabriel Library  aka
The Medieval Names Archive
  -    Articles on medieval & renaissance names and on naming practices.
The Academy of Saint Gabriel Tools Page - For Academy Members use
The Medieval Heraldry Archive - Articles & info on medieval and renaissance heraldry
Search the SCA Ordinary   -   A site to search the On-line Ordinary
Search the SCA Armorial   -   A site to search the On-line Armorial
The O&A Database   -   Listed Alphabetically by Name
     SCA Ordinary and Armorial Software
Reserved and Prohibited Charges   -   by Dmitrii Volkovich
Period Style: An Introduction   -   by Da'ud ibn Auda
List of Alternate Titles   -   Title equivalents in various languages
Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry   -   Large, very inclusive volume of terms (but slow)
A Glossary of Terms used in Heraldry   -   An on-line version of the James Parker book.
Arms from Parker's Glossary   -   The pictures of the family arms collected together.
Heraldic Atlas   -   Examples of heraldic charges
Permission to Conflict Letter   -   Standard Permission Letter as per Admin. Handbook
No Photocopies Needed List   -   Books That Do Not Require Photocopies to Laurel
Standard References   -   Bibliography of Standard References for SCA use
Names Sources to Avoid   -   Names Sources to Be Avoided in Documentation
Animal Blazonry
(Depictions of critters in heraldic positions)
  -   by Eldred Ælfwald
Heraldry for Scribes   -   by Eowyn Amberdrake

This article is good for heralds as well as scribes as it talks about
how to interpret blazonsl.

Heraldry for Scribes   -   by Sorcha MacLeod  (Another great article with a good perspective)
Slavic Interest Group   -   Information exchange for study of history & culture in the Slavic world.
Calontir Picture Armorial   -   Pictures of devices registered in Calontir
Symbols.Com   -   On-line symbols encyclopedia
Anglo-Saxon Dictionary   -   The Anglo-Saxon Dictionary Project
§ Who's Who of SCA Heralds §   -   List of heralds & their armory; send a request to be added
Search the SCA Ordinary & Armorial - Another site to search the On-line Ordinary/Armorial
Search the SCA Ordinary & Armorial   -   Yet another site to search the On-line O&A
Search the SCA Ordinary & Armorial - The O&A on it's own website!
Morsulus Herald's Website - Google LoARs...simple add your search terms to the search string

The Rest of the Alphabet (The Da'ud Notation System) - by Da'ud ibn Auda & Talan Gwynek
(Representing non-ASCII characters with ASCII characters) [Useful for names]

SCA Kingdoms & Principalities


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