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Medieval Trivia
A list for SCA and other related reenactment groups to present trivia, general "Gee-Whiz" information
and humor about both the Middle Ages and Renaissance period.

SCA Group Links

Barony of Forgotten Sea   -   My SCA home since 1985. (I was the 8th Territorial Baron)
Cum an Iolair   -   A wonderful SCA group in Calontir. (I was previously Seneschal there) 
Aston Tor   -   Fantastic friends composing Cum an Iolair's "Sister" group.
Shire of Far Reaches   -   MidRealm group where I started in the SCA in1976
Shire of Dun Ard   -   Good friends and neighbors to the northwest of us.
Shire of Crescent Moon   -   More good friends and neighbors to the west of us.
Shire of Lost Moor   -   Still more good friends and neighbors to the north of us. 
Barony of the Osprey   -   A really great group in Meridies!
Barony of St. Swithin's Bog   -   An excellent (and fun) group in AEthelmearc!
Shire of Sterlynge Vayle   -   Another great and fun group from AEthelmearc!
Barony Bordermarch   -   SCA group in Ansteorra (very nice folks!)
Barony of Darkwater   -   Trimaris Barony with GREAT resource directory
Shire of Nordenhal   -   Great group from the East Kingdom
Barony of Dreiburgen   -   Wonderful Barony in the Kingdom of Caid!!!



SCA Personal Pages

House Leatherwolf - The personal household of Baron Modar & Baroness Briana 
Briana Etain MacKorkhill's
SCA Page
  -   My Lady-wife's page with clothing information.
Jadwiga Marina Majewska's
SCA Page
  -   My friend's page with SCA recipes.
Eloine ni Mhaoileoin's 
SCA Page
  -   My wonderful friend's SCA webpage.
House Fhtagn - SCA & Cthulhu -- what's a better mix?
Mikal the Ram's
Bard Page
  -   A Bard's Bard!!!! A good site to visit!!!
Jehanne de Huguenin's
SCA Articles
  -   Wonderful webpage with info on Cooking, Clothing, etc.
Gotfrid von Schwaben's
SCA  Page
  -   .My good friend Gotfrid's wonderful site with an emphasis
on things German (actually Swabian).
Karen Larsdatter's
- A fabulous website with useful articles on many topics!!!
Garren of Aston Tor Page     Garren is known in the SCA for his glass beads, marbles & chainmail
The Storm Tidings Archive   -   Great articles from the Shire of Adamastor in South Africa
Jacinth's Info Mine   -   Jacinth de Warwick has a wealth of information.
Caer Leonis Scymni   -   This Keep of the Lion Cubs: Rory McGowan & Banba MacDermot
Castle Newmarch - A wonderful site by great gentle Gryffri de Newmarch.
Danielle of Normandy - A nice site belonging to a new friend from the Shire of Win Dale in Atenveldt! 
Foxcroft Cottage - Site for Juliana Foxcroft & Arden MacDonald 



General SCA Pages

SCA Intro Page   -   Learn more about the SCA
Calontir Arts & Sciences Criteria (2004 Version)
Calontir Arts & Sciences Criteria (1998 Version) [1st complete version]
Calontir Arts & Sciences Criteria (Historic Version)            
  Current criteria; undergoing re-vamp soon
Completed under Kingdom MoAS Briana Etain MacKorkhill
.[No web version]
General SCA Terms   -   Definitions of terms
The Medieval Times   -   SCA Electronic Newspaper
Legio Draconis - Romans, SCA Warriors & Artisans, check out this page!!
Articles change daily!!
Ladies of the Chivalry   -   Information on female knights in the SCA
Sword Maiden   -   Resource for Women Fighters in the SCA
Ironrose      [Also see HERE.]   -   Warrior Women of the SCA
SCA Kingdoms & Principalities   -   Links to each kingdom's or region's site
Ede's Directory of SCA Housholds   -   A listing of many Households in the SCA



History or SCA Related Links

Living History Resources   -   Directory of Living History: SCA-related websites.
Medieval Games   -   Rules for several games
Knights Templar History Page   -   Background history
Mongol History Page   -   Name info & general history
Arts, Craft & Sciences of the SCA   -    
Archery   -   Articles on arrows, bows and strings.
Medieval Weapons   -   Articles on history and making of weapons
Medieval Armour & SCA Combat   -   Articles on history & making of armour
Brewing   -   Articles & links on brewing
Persona Development   -   Articles & links on developing a persona
Research   -   Articles & links on how to do research
Index of Saints   -   Listing from the on-line Catholic Encyclopedia
Falconry Information   -   Both historical and modern info
Dictionary of Feudal Terms   -   A handy little site.
The Aberdeen Beastiary   -   Descriptions of animals, real and imaginary
Magna Carta   -   The text of this historical document
St. Crispen's Day Speech   -   Text from Shakespeare's Henry V
The Song of Roland   -   Anonymous French Epic (Middle 11th century)
The Lay (Song) of the Cid   -   Spanish Poem (13th century)
The Nibelungenlied   -   German Poem (Approx. 1200 AD)
Volsunga Saga (Story of the Volsungs)   -   Icelandic Story (13th century)
Njal's Saga (Story of Burnt Njal)   -   Icelandic Story (13th century)
Beowulf   -   Story of the Danish Hero
The Life of King Edward theConfessor   -   Manuscript that lets you zoom in on pages
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle   -   Modern English translation
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
in its original language
  -   Olde English version
Training a Squire   -   Info by John Harding
Gerry and Julie's Landsknecht Site   -   Site by Arion Hirsch von Schutzhundheim
& Juliana Hirsch von Schutzhundheim
Vampires and Revenants   -   A medieval look at the Un-dead
(and some modern perspectives)
Ode to a Pell   -   A webpage by Culwyn Bleidd Caernarfon
Medieval & Renaissance Weddings   -   Resources to check out if you're planning a wedding
Chivalric Traditions   -   Dealing with chivalry of the past, present and future
Chaiya's Sephardic World   -   Wonderful info on Jewish History including heraldry & names
Collected Tales   -   Tri-shire Region Newsletter: Nordenhal, Frosted Hills, Coill Tuar
Gutenberg Bible   -   On-Line Digitized Version
The Book of Dede Korkut   -   Epic of the Oghuz, ancestors of Seljuks & Ottomans
Feudal Archers   -   12th Century Medieval Living History Group

A wonderful historical link:

The Medieval Science Page

Amongst the topics covered on this site are:
Alchemy, Animals, the Astrolabe, Astronomy, Botany,
Calendars, Cartography, Horology, Scientific Instruments of the Middle Ages,
Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, Time, Weights & Measures and Renaissance Materials.

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